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Mad Rock area governments


Altono has a leader, but no one seems to know his name, or where he is located.

Celin is somewhere between feudalism and a republic. The Barons are having a hard time getting used to voting. And even more difficult for them is getting used to the populace voting. Much drunken thumping of mailed fists on oaken tables, that is about all they can do about it.

The Barony of Garton is very feudalistic. Almost a text book version of Feudalism.

Ghenter doesn’t seem to have a government. Several times Zultor tried to take them over via various means, including warfare. Zultor lost everytime. Mostly they find themselves back at their start points and monies are gone to pay for the damages they have done. They are very much bothered by such goings on, much thumping of mailed fists on oaken tables… sounds familiar ?

Zultor is a feudalistic theocracy. The rest of the nations here stay away from them. Allegedly ruled by an old man dressed in gray cloth.

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