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odd events near Mad Rock


(I found some of my original notes.)

There were times I wanted to have fun playing.

This is one of those times.

Anyway, as the player characters got closer to Mad Rock, they encountered lots of strange things.

1d30 or d10 + 1d20 while the party is outdoors within 10 miles of Mad Rock.

1) singing cacti, that slowly fade away. 2) a pine tree, without lower trunk or roots, floats top downward for 5 hours. It is 30’ up in the air. 3) in a small circle, around 1200 feet, for 3 hours a. in summer: it starts snowing. Total accumulation is one inch. b. in winter: the sun is shining, the ground is warm, no matter what else the weather is doing. 4) for 1 minute, Mad Rock appears to be above the party. 5) for 10 minutes: a 75’ long, 5’ wide, 2’ deep stream appears 7’ up in the air. Fish can been seen swimming in it. 6) until hit with anything; a pendulum blade appears in front of the party. 7) permanent: Half of all damage the party has sustained to this point, is healed. 8) a 30’ in diameter boulder forms in the air and rolls towards the party, vanishing 1d10 + 50 feet away. 9) for 5 minutes: the sound of a full orchestra tuning up.

10) for 10 minutes: Sunlight starts to flicker like a slow speed strobe light.

11) for 5 minutes: a mirror image of the party appears 50’ to one side and parallels their actions.

12) for 1 day: the party is opposite handed form normal. left handed become right handed, etc. -4 to hit.

13) singing cactus that fade away, then start singing.

14) a large boulder flies in horizontally and vanishes 50 feet from the group of characters.

15) a group of odd-looking trees shows up, waves at the group, and then vanishes.

16) a group of odd-looking trees show up, dances, sings, then fades away.

17) singing cacti, a group of about 10 of many heights, that slowly fade away.

18) ghostly images of the group forms to one side of the real group, keeps up with them for a few minutes, then fades away.

19) a Troll runs up to the group, shouts in Common “Stop ! Don’t go there !” then it runs screaming off into the distance.

20) an Illithid screaming in fear runs past the group.

21) singing cacti that also dances, vanishes after 2 minutes.

22) an oak tree quietly humming to itself, vanishes after 2 minutes.

23) 3 goblins appear, ask for water, then vanish after 1 minute.

24) ghostly images of the party go past them, away from Mad Rock, screaming silently.

25) ghostly images of the party go past them, away from Mad Rock, they try to talk to the real party, but no words are heard. They manage to get across their fear.

26) a row boat goes by 4’ off the ground. No one is inside it, yet the oars are moving normally.

27) birds flying by upside down, burping the Anvil Chorus.

28) a gigantic bird dives at the party, but vanishes before it gets closer than 3,000 feet.

29) three of the above

30) two of the above.

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