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Generic villages

I’ll add more villages as I have time. The larger buildings in the towns and villages are city/meeting halls, libraries, Inns and stables, stores, merchant halls, etc. There is little written detail added to the maps, so its easy for you to modify them for your games/campaign.

None of these villages have walls.

template used is: 1000’ × 800’

C village 48 houses, has 2 small keeps and 7 watch towers

templates used are: 500’ × 400’

B village 48 houses

D village 27 houses, 18 storage towers

template used is: 200’ × 200’

A village 15 houses, 2 storage, a wooden watch tower

New maps made in 2007:

The below maps are version 3.03 of CC3 drawn with version 3.03 of CC3

Note: Unless you have the bitmap fills below, some of the fcw files will show blank areas or red Xs.

For the others that don’t show, they are the official bitmap fills, and you have to purchase CC3 from Profantasy to get them.

It is possible that 1 or 2 of the bitmap fills are my creation and neither source has them.

I reduced the color depth slightly, from 256 to 201 colors, on the pngs so they wouldn’t be so large. I used Irfanview.

Per-request, grids have been removed from the jpg and png files. I left the grids on the fcw files.

village01a has a road, a few buildings, a keep with moat, temple, farmers, a small store, and some ruins

These are 500’ × 400’ maps

village01b added a wall around the keep, added towers to the wall
village01c added a wall, with a gate, around the keep.

Village 01 png zip 900 Kilobytes

Village 01 jpg zip 630 Kilobytes

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