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The Beshla People


These are the ‘original’ human people of Crestar. When other races; gnomes, elves, orcs, dwarves; went to an area, the Beshla were there.

Later peoples, humans, arrived in later migrations or via Gates.

Most sages believe the Beshla first arrived on Crestar on the Northern Hemisphere, but there is no evidence of that.

They have the largest variety in skin; hair and eye colors; height; weight; and skills.

Some communities are very good at pottery, making everyday use items that look more like commissioned works of art than items for every day use.

Others make fine weapons and armor.

Most Beshla communities are rather average in what they can do in the way of trade skills. Serviceable, but not works of art. And some turn out works of art that are very excellent weapons or magic items, they just don’t look like they are. These later items are very rare.

A typical Beshla spear man

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