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Fondfield and Sraa Keep ruins, Trillolara


A closer look at the Fondfield area. Many small hamlets for the farmers. Smaller the hamlet building symbol, the fewer the people living there. Smallest is under 50 people. Slightly larger is 50 to 250 people. Fondfeld has over 1,000 people living there. Few of the hamlets have names.

The shorter invasion route is take Quasqueton from the rear.

The longer, years later, route is an assault on Sraa Keep.

Both failed.

Most of this area has quieted down since a group of adventurers came to Potter then Fondfield and cleared out many of the bad and evil men, and took out the monsters. They have a castle not many miles away, so they can return if they are needed.

Updated map: Nov 25, 2014

Closer in map:

Updated map: Nov 25, 2014

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