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Adventures and nearby Towns


So you don’t have to hunt for them.

I know some of these need reworking, but since I’m presenting these the way we gamed in them, I wont be changing them.


Braydont Castle and surrounding towns. area map, and map of a town called Triwell and a village called Boonmuck. With an inn and some shops. 4 maps Second game town.

Dtillan Orsti, Trillolara entrance page seaport, few details. One large map with shop and population listing for the seaport and surrounding towns. Third game town.

Dwarfbas entrance page some shop details. Fourth game town.

Fondfield, Trillolara entrance page some shop details. Green Goose Inn and Stables, Blacthorns Bow and Arrow Shop, Zrani’s Blacksmith’s shop, Community Bake Shop and various parts of the town are mapped and detailed. First game town.

The towns for Dank Forest and Tanoria are in the sequence somewhere. I’ll add that info in when I go over my old notes.

Way Ut, Spill Island entrance page2 maps, near Grey Heath. Never gamed here. No adventure at Way Ut yet, no details just the map.


Most of the dungeons I’ll be detailing are not low-level adventures. Many have powerful undead involved.

Quasqueton, a commercial module by TSR, was my first dungeon refereed. But since its a commercial product, I wont detail it. I did create a new one, untested, from scratch. Level 1-3 for 5-7 characters.

Dtgllo Castle, Trillolara entrance page, (the Dtgllo entrance page png zip now contains the text for that adventure) near Hommlet: 5th level and up. 22 rooms on 3 maps

Link updated Jan 14, 2018
Dwarf Home entrance page, near Dwarfbas: 5th level and up. Hundreds of maps and rooms. Levels 1 through 3 detailed. Some maps in 4th level detailed. Maps for 5th and 6th, but no room details. Downloads on that sub-site.

Link fixed Dec 26, 2014
Falla Keep, second dungeon. 60 rooms on 12 maps. Third game played.

Khilla Keep entrance page all rooms and descriptions are finished. My third dungeon because it has Fiend Folio monsters in it. Starts out okay for characters first to third level, but too quickly reaches level 5-7. Has a few nice traps, particularly the one on Map 15 room 221, but otherwise needs lots of reworking. 212 rooms on 16 maps

Sraa Keep, Trillolara entrance page, near Fondfield: 6th level and up, with a liche involved. First dungeon I created. Over 160 rooms on 16 maps. Second game played. 5-7th level, secret dungeons 7-9th level.

Shagtor, Odd-shaped, castle 3rd level is a killer

Trillusion information dungeon in Teslarc. Mapped, but room details lost.

Gray Heath on Spill Island no details, area/adventure not fully mapped.

Mad Rock no details, area/adventure not fully mapped. 3 maps. Another map to be done, along with the room descriptions for the other map. Mostly a one shot adventure. Adventure details lost. Maps updated October 12, 2020. Fixed scenary and text.

For many of the low level adventures, I used modules or modifications of modules such as The Book of Treasure Maps, Book of Treasure Maps 2, and Frontier Forts of Kelnore by Judges’ Guild.

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