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Area map of Fondfield, Trillolara, Southern Hemisphere


Where many of the adventures in my campaign took place.

Fondfield, a local military district headquarters, was the home to the player characters.

Quasqueton is where I ran B-1 module from TSR. The map and dungeon I have placed on this site is a new dungeon with the basic premise. It is Southeast of Fondfield.

Sraa Keep is where the player characters encounter a tough dungeon, and a lich, it is west of Fondfield. Very little of Sraa Keep is on the surface. Oh, and watch out for the giant slugs !

Off this map:

The road leading off to the Northwest leads to the stone keep and grounds the player characters won. The road leads down the coast to Dwarfbas, the nearest Dwarven City. A few days away is Dwarf Home. A many level dungeon with many rooms.

Updated map, Nov 18, 2014

The blue area upper right is part of the Sea of Ghanuu. The dark green forests near Quasqueton and Sraa Keep are sickly and dangerous. The lighter forest near Quasqueton is dangerous, and could be having an influence on that border castle to the west.

Krini Forest is in two parts. One part lawful and one part chaotic.

Various foods are grown in this area, with some shallow water crabs and clams available as well. Some of the olives are pressed for oil, and this is sold to markets outside Trillolara.

The Barrier Hills do act as a barrier to most invasion forces, but the blocking isn’t complete.

Unnamed locations are generalized, not exactly placed.

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