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road and homes info: Fondfield


A brief mention of the roads first. Town Circle goes around the entire town in a large circle just inside the walls. Most of the time the inhabitants of Fondfield will tell a newcomer how to determine what part of Town Circle is under discussion or as directions to finding someone.

They might say, “As you enter East gate, off to the left is Left Town Circle, Off to the right is North Town Circle. It continues on around. When either direction gets you to the west side of town, that is West Town Circle.”

They don’t tell rude people about the road name changes… the changes aren’t marked on any sign posts.

Castle Road is over by the Castle, numbered 14 on the map. Queen’s Road is the central North-South road.

North Road and South Road are both in the northeast corner of town, north of The Questors. South Road homes are where some of the members of The Questor’s live. Shan-Tor’s Road, left side of the map is named for Queen Sharalan’s Consort.

D1 through D12, on Chas-Lo road, are duplexes. One family upstairs with an outside stair, the other family lives downstairs with a separate entrance.

H1 through H30, on Tick-Tock Road, are single family dwelings. Many of the families here work in the Inns, and in various stores.

M1 through M2, on Merchant Way, are the two story homes of members of the Merchant Guild.

Q1 through Q3, on South Road, are the homes of members of The Questors.

S1 through S17, on Shop Road and Small Shop Road, are shops. S18 is a storage shed some of the shops share.

T1 through T2, on the north part of Shar-Tor’s Road, are the homes of the military training serjeants.

[To be continued as I have time.]

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