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Fisher Isle, Barrow Islands


Shadow and Little Shadow megaliths. They look innocent enough from a distance. They are located on Fisher Isle in the Barrow Islands, Northern Hemisphere of Crestar.

People who go there to investigate them disappear.

What they don’t know is these megaliths sometimes act as Gates to other parts of Crestar.

Not something the hill dwarves wanted to do. Fishing. But it puts food on the table. And some people, particularly those on Grain Isle, like halibut.

And they will trade such fish for grain and beef. They like the swords, shield, and maces the dwarves make as well.

In the winter months these dwarves fish for cod and albacore south of their island.

They say it is their island, but they stay away from Shadow and Little Shadow.

They, and a group of humans, built Ball Lock Tower and Ice Castle of stone.

The tower on the other end of the island has long been abandoned. And yet lights can be seen shining inside from long distances away.

Those who live in Blue Castle, on Bis-Cha Isle, have reported seeing lights across the way, even though that lonely tower is miles away.

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