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No Sage has ever figured out where the Tik-nik came from.

Legend has it they had a greenish look to their skin. No other race of peoples on Crestar has it.

The monolith on Sargo Isle was supposedly once a Gate connecting worlds or dimensions. Other members of the Tik-nik Shal lived on Three Rivers Island. Sages have been unable to determine when ‘Shal’ got added to their name. Some ancient barely readable scrolls mentions only the ‘Tik-nik’.

Some legends claim the Elves saw the Tik-nik arrival on Crestar, other legends claim the Tik-nik saw the Elves arrive.

The Elves state they never saw the Tik-nik until the 9th Age.

Any of those claims could be true as the Island homes of the Tik-nik were never visited until the 10th Age. Long after they had left.

Where did the Tik-nik go when Sargo Isle started being covered by sand ?

Legend has it that they tried to journey towards what is now Dank Forest, but sea winds kept blowing them off-course and they wound up in Shessor, on Tantalow’s Island for there be an occasional person with a light green tinge to their skin living there.

But Shessor is only 300 years old. It was built in Age 11, year 200. Local historian sages state that there was no one living there earlier.

Yet, Shessor is a seaport. That deep harbor had to have had someone living there before Shessor… maybe.

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