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The Tar-Nal didn’t always reside on Tar-Nalo Island.

For awhile they lived in the valley of The Wonderful River, between the Chaga Mountains. They were called The Tar-Nal People back then.

Many long years before Licieria was destroyed, a blight came to the farm lands near the Wonderful River. No one seemed to be able to stop the crops from dieing. Not even the Great Druid Sarrana could stop the blight.

Some of the folks living there moved out onto Shorn Penninsula. They didn’t take much with them, food and water was plentiful in the valley of The Wonderful River, so they didn’t think they needed to take much with them. A few personal items, plows, wagons, farming and wood cutting implements, and clothes. Nothing has been heard of them for many years.

The rest moved out to a nearby island. They named it Tar-Nalo Island. There were a few small ruins, mostly farm holds, but no castles, keeps, nor guarded areas. Snakes, rabbits, deer, foxes, but no large animal predators. No signs that any humans or humanoids still lived there.

They lived there for many years in peace and happiness. Well, less rain, sometimes fewer crops. But they survived, mostly.

Tar-Nalo, the home of the Nalo Islanders. They remember it not.

Some folks on the island of Tar-Nalo decided they would go off and find new lands. Few of them were adventurers. Oh, a few fighters and clerics went off with them, there must be adventure along the way so they could improve their skills. Years later, they decided if they ever go off on such a journey again, they will prepare better. Well, those that were left alive decided to do it that way next time.

After many tribulations in the area of the Broken Backbone’ on one side of the Wildlands, they crossed the Wildlands, then The Jungle Lands, then what is now Groz. They then travelled across the Great Open, travel being safer back then, they settled near the Khzol Pass.

They settled in a small bend in the mountains, near the River of Lonral.

One day their villages were enveloped in a bright white light, a voice all heard told them to cover their eyes and not move.

Time passed, it could have been days or weeks… the light lifted.

A Voice spoke, “You have been protected from total Death ! Do not think you are special, those outside the lighted area when the Undead Invasion started are dead and will not return. This was done on a whim only. Licieria is no more.”

They got ready for battle, and armed groups slowly and cautiously left the villages. They found themselves in a large oval area, with vanquished Undead all about the area. After much discussion, they abandoned their villages and went westward. They made certain they showed they were good folks, they helped any good they could find.

They always had guards at the ready while others toiled to rebuild. And so they had monies as they traveled westward. Hiring as guards for awhile, building homes, towns, villages, and castles. Sharing their skills and teaching others. Learning. But they yearned for a place of their own.

They eventually settled on Nalo Island, forgetting their origins at Tar-Nalo.

But the folks left behind on Tar-Nalo didn’t forget the ones who left, and never returned.

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