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A mostly nice place to live. Most places the streets are kept clean, refuse is picked up regularly. There are taxes, but only 10-20 percent of each person’s income. Adventurers’ get an even better break. They can bring back 90,000 gold pieces before they pay taxes on treasures found.

There are lots of old castles, abandoned villages, old burial grounds, evil areas on the west and south edges of Trillolara. Some, like Quasqueton, Sraa Keep, and Dtranyo Castle have been cleaned out by player character adventurers.

Some of the adventurers left for Hommlet and Dwarf Home. Some took over Dtranyo Castle with the King’s Blessing and Deed to the lands. Three small villages have grown up in that once forsaken area near Dtranyo Castle.

Most officialdom here is polite and benevolent. Harshness does happen, but its rare. Unless the person being checked on is doing something bad. Like helping Ghastra, Noral, or doing some other evil.

Rumor has it the above mentioned group of adventurers found a Gashtran Spy Nest in lost tunnels beneath Fondfield. No official information is forthcoming on this rumor.

Parenthetical note: Yes, there was indeed a spy nest beneath Fondfield, but the tunnels weren’t lost, they were unknown to the Trillolarans. Its possible the tunnels were known during the time of Khmoj, the town here before Fondfield.

Strange things do happen in Trillolara… like shop keepers who died years ago wait on customers. Then vanish into nothingness and leave the customers very puzzled. The living shop keepers seldom worry, as the correct monies are usually found in the cash box for that store. Even the customers receive the correct change for their purchases. No information has been discovered as to the why and how of these occurances.

A bit more history, much of it ancient.

Trillolara wasn’t always the Land of the Bards. In fact, Bards didn’t always exist.

Many long years ago, in a previous Age, lived a man who liked to sing or humm a tune while he worked.

He was not a Bard, he just liked to sing quietly to himself as he worked. There was music in those days, but no large groups, such as choirs or ensembles singing.

There were a few folks, who might get together in small groups and sing, but it rarely lasted. Few had time to spend on singing or making musical instruments.

Then the attack against Licieria happened. The folk living around Manwater Bay took to the hills near what is now the Plains of Dareth. Many found a large cave complex and went inside. Warriors and spell casters fought the hordes of Undead, to the death. Few survived, mostly those who sang songs or fought near those who sang songs.

They then all retreated to the cave entrance. One great warrior stood at the entrance. The others who had sung and survived earlier battles stood behind that warrior. He sang a song of battles won against long odds. They sang in chorus and repeated the words.

A Great Lich did battle with the Great Warrior.

Neither survived.

But the songs of the rest kept the Undead from entering. And so Bards were born.

The King or Queen of Trillolara is now a Bard of highest level, although no Bard has ever had the skills of that long gone First Bard.

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