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Noral ! Not a name to start a conquering plan with ? Correct. Noral never set out to conquer anyone.

Someone evidently started claiming, many long years ago, that the people of Noral were very war-like, and loved to conquer people.

They had no need to conquer anyone.

Even the beings living out in the Wildlands quickly learned to leave Noral be.

Humans live here. There are a few high elves and even a few halflings. Not so few as to be a curiosity nor so few as to be strangers to the rest of Noral. Both stay away from the Mountains of Death, the humans who live here don’t ask why.

A committee of advisers assist a King. Town officials are voted on by the locals. Military commanders are appointed by the King with advice from the committee. Both town officials and military commanders can be and have been retired adventurers. Everyone pays the same tax rate… 30 percent. But its not a flat tax. There are a number of things here that require permits. Not a large number of permits, but there is a small bureaucracy that keeps track of such things. While they are not hated, they are not well liked either.

Okay. Has Noral conquered anyone ? They don’t say. But there was a settlement in the nearby reaches of the Mountains of Death where no Noralian lived, but its all Noralians now. Were they conquered, killed off, or asked to move ? Nobody outside Noral knows. Their history books make no mention of it ever being outside Noral, nor being inhabited by anyone not of Noral.

Want to adventure in Noral ? Thats okay, but be certain the paperwork is done before hand.

Want to know more ? Well, if you are traveling through Noral, you might find out more by chatting in the local taverns and bars. But don’t ask too many questions, you may be asked for your scholar’s permit. Which also requires a hefty sum of monies for the permit.

Alignments: LE, a few CG, CE, N, NE, LN. The dominate force here is Law. The chaotics are tolerated as the rest don’t like certain tasks… like killing off non-Noralian villages near the borders.

Parenthetical note: yes, they love their permits. Yes, they have conquered others. But they wont expand into the ‘empty lands’ nearby. And for some reason, they wont talk about, they wont move further into the Mountains of Death.

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