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Mystic and Ancient history

The Others ruled the land with an Iron Fist. They didn’t care who or what, you had to be an Other, for them to not attack. Then one day, a great flash went across the sky, and many of the Others died. A distant voice, calling itself The Sky-God, demanded the Others stop harming anyone different, just because they were different.

This so upset some of the Others that many took off upwards, using great magics, but many were struck down before they travelled any distance. A few reached great height and vanished from eyesight. Great flashes and roars came from high in the sky. The Orc tribes in what is now Trillolara and Dank Forest areas fled in panic. The Mountain called Tak-To lifted upwards and vanished. Some claim a small blue flame could be seen on its underside, with many thin metal wheels turning slowly in the wind. Its remnant is now the small island in Manwater Bay, Trillolara.

No debris from that mountain ever came back down to Crestar.

Several kingdom’s ransom is rumored to have been in that mountain. Those that have grown strong in magic and power and followed the supposed rumor of Tak-To, have rarely ever been seen again. Those who do either are mad, or exhibit a mildness that belies their former glory as warriors and mages, when they return. If they return at all. Their exploits are forgotten by them, some returning many years after their flight of attempted treasure seeking. Their families, power bases, and land, gone gone into dust and distant memory.

Old: 500 to 900 years ago (Age 10 year 500 up to Age 11 Year 1)

About this time a nation of various peoples; human, elf, and half-elf; formed between the Outer Ocean and the Mountains of Blissful Silence, called Licieria. They are called the Mountains of Death in these darker days.

Its lineage was short, its hopes long. The Last Queen died in battle against the lich-inspired hordes that came boiling out of Khzol Pass in the Moutains of Death. The common folk and weaker armies fleeing in the time bought them as that battle raged. Thousands of warriors and common folk died in that battle, which raged for days uncounted. Survival being more important than the mere counting of days.

Dragons, some say they were charmed, took part on the Final Day of Death. The forests caught fire. Some legends claim the very rocks boiled and melted. Burning evil orcs and good humans alike. Then the ghouls, skeletons, and ghasts rose out of the rubble and marched on the few remaining Good Peoples left. A scrap of cloth, or a necklace, or favored toy, in the arms and on the skeletons of the Undead, showing the living that the evil had taken their own loved ones and was using them to attack all whom held to the Light.

Clerics that tried to turn even the lowly skeletons, learned to their swift regret, that clerical ability had no affect on them. And after beng savagely rent apart, they were put back together either by the hands of the Undead or by Magic, then they joined the Evil Hordes.

At the Final Hour of Doom, when the last of the Good were upon the Outer Ocean’s shores in what is now Dank Forest, their backs to the sea, and no ships to save them, a soft green cloud appeared from out on The Outer Ocean. Strong evil could not stand before it. It left green foliage behind it, a few graves, and those still living good were healed of all physical hurt. It consumed a number of evil dragons, their bones forming large mounds of debris, then they turned to dust and fertilized the soil.

The Good forces and peoples slowly returned eastward. True, they had to fight the lower forms of Undead and various were-creatures that tried to relocate here in the power vacuum that was left, but there has been no outpouring of Hordes of Undead since. And the clerical abilities used to combat Undead and other evils had returned. Some say that evil came because of what one group or another did or did not do things another group desired them to live up to. But the sages feel this is a strange claim wrought of the death and destruction and give it no credence.

Humans, elves, and half-elves slowly journeyed back into this region, north of the Sea of Ghanuu. To make home and cities, and restore, somewhat, the days of Past Glory. A few halflings, dwarves, and the peoples that would become the Nomads arrived here as well. Whence the Nomads came from is unknown. They wore clothes of various hues not common to anyone’s sight before this. It is rumored that they came through a Gate. Such things being plentiful in days gone by. There are still some Gates found to this day, to trap the unwary or to send them aged back to their home lands. More peoples, hearing of open lands, arrived as the years went by. Some small families traveling with merchants, others with small groups of adventurers, even small hamlets of folks; arrived over the years seeking changes in life and liberties. Some were disappointed and left or vanished, but many more stayed here living new lives.

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