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Part 1: map of Tooshla, the Gashtran Capital


Map changed from 1200 to 2000 pixels. Jan 28, 2019

done in CC3lus. part 1 connects to the top of part 2 map

This is part of the map. I’ll be drawing it in pieces, rather than a large unwieldy map. This map has been updated and is larger in width and height.

There will be at least one more of these maps, the entire city will be surrounded by walls, a moat, gates, etc.

I’ll make some smaller pngs to show the entire thing as one map when I get all of them done.


Coordinates are:
Map number-square location-top to bottom of square

01-C01 only has one house, so that is all of the location in this legend.

City01 map

01-A01-1 ( this is in the upper left corner)

John Dara’s house retired Fighter 4, now a warehouseman. Has chain, shield, long sword, and mace at home.

01-A01 through 01-D04 Busy Road (painters and bartenders)


Sam Hagal’s house bartender


Sharon and Dal Mor’s house She is a homemaker and he is a bartender. On their days off they are thieves.

01-A03-1 empty house

Empty ? Lights can be seen inside, from time to time. All at night.

01-A04-1 empty house

01-A05 empty field

01-A06-1 empty house

01-A07 through 01-T07 Central Boulevard

01-A08 through 01-A16, 01-B08 through 01-B13, 01-B16 open field with some debris.

01-B01-1 Doug Bullan’s house. Human fighter 5. Has chain mail, long sword, helm, shield. semi-retired.

01-B01-2 Shella and Tak Joran’s home. Work for the Inns as painters.

01-B02-1 Dargah Shug half-orc house painter.

01-B02, 01-B03 rooming house for single bartenders.

01-B04-1 Gugle half-orc painter

01-B04-2 Zargo half-elf painter

01-B05 Deln and Sharon Smith’s house. master bartenders.

01-B06, 01-C06 House Painter district office. Job listings.

01-C01 Bassun Chargo’s house. Master bartender.

01-C05, 01-D03, 01-E05, 01-F15, 01-H01, 01-R16, and 01-T5 keeps in good repair.

01-C14, 01-C15 Sage Library

01-C16-1 and 01-C16-2 Head Librarians for Sage Library live here.

01-D1 through 01-D7 Goose Way

01-D7 through 01-D16 Sage Town

01-F09 Vampire Park

01-J04-1 Ice Goddess Alter

The trees near the alter are indeed all white, and look like they are made of ice with many air bubbles in it. No one is allowed to touch them.

01-L16-1 Snow Goddess Alter

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