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glossary: D, E, and F


  1. Damage: The number of hit points inflicted on a person or structural damage points done to a structure.

  2. Ditch: Even the early palisades; Age 4(?); had a ditch around them. A ditch can be as much as 60 feet across and vary in shape from a sharp V to a more rounded U. Outworks (qv) of thorn-walls, or other obstacles, usually protected them.

  3. Earthworks: ( see also Motte and Ditch): The first “castles” basically relied for defense on mound (motte), ditches, and dirt ramparts. A low mound was used for a residence castle, while a motte was used for a garrison fortress or seige-castle.

  4. e.g. for example

  5. Erg: a sea of sand. The Great Erg and ‘the small erg’ are two on this game world.

  6. folowers: a loyal group of associates garnered by a character at a certain level, usually nineth.

  7. Fumble (house rule): Rolling a Natural 1 (qv) or a Natural 2 (qv), depending on the character’s level. ( Fumble procedure added later on ‘house rules’ page.)

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