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glossary: G, H, and I


  1. Gate: The main entrance gate to a castle usually had two leaves, with a wicket in one, closed by locks and bars which slid into slots. The gate is made of oak planks with thick cross-braces behind external planking to prevent axes from splitting the timber.

  2. ‘Gate’: A magical transport/teleport device that can send a character to anywhere/anytime. Some are trapped or are traps. Many sages and adventurers believe that The Little old man in Gray (qv) uses ‘gates’ to take adventurers he hires to the many places that could not possibly be in Crestar(qv).

  3. Gatehouse: As the entrance was the weakest part of a castle, its strengthening was a first priority and probably the first built in stone, date unknown; probably before Age 9. The word ‘gatehouse’ extends to a complex system of fortification which can include bridges, gates, barriers, and the defensive walls and towers which cover the entrance. many different versions and styles exist.

  4. Green Guild: A group of green-clad messengers. They take honest, truthful messages only. They deal harshly with anyone that falsely wears the clothing of the guild or has them carry messages that turn out to be lies. The first recorded instance of a Green Guild messenger is Age 10 c. year 500. They travel any distance, anywhere. Their base fee is 1,000 gold pieces, but they guarantee delivery. Many intelligent monsters will not stop a member of this guild from delivering a message. Ocean voyages add a base 1,000 gold pieces to the costs. (Note: I got this idea from a trilogy of books about the Towers of Tornor.)

  5. Helmets:
    my campaign names:  AC:  visual type:                       Earth history type:
      Arnan helm         4     conical metal                      Norman type
      Bartan helm        4     conical metal with nose guard      Norman type
      Celtan helm        3     helm with cheek pieces             Roman Legion
      Dartan helm        2     helm, enclosed                     Middle Ages Great helm
      Ertan              5     iron or leather cap                plain iron or leather cap

    Ertan first came about, probably, in Age 5, year and artisan unknown.

    Arnan probably Age 5 as well.

    Bartan probably Age 5.

    Celtan, named after its maker Chago Celtran. He lived sometime in Age 7.

    Dartan, named by its maker John Shoethumper. He lived in Age 9, and developed the habit of thumping shoes and feet during battle with his mace.

    Some Bartan helms have added cheek pieces.

    A nose guard with wire cage, or nose guard, was added to some Celtan helms in Age 10, Year 127 by armorer Yalno Tak-Nok.

    Drawn using CC3’s Character Artist.

  6. Henchman: A low-level non-player character whose loyalty is to one member of the party rather than the party itself..

  7. Hireling: A non-player character hired to accompany a party on an adventure, or employed for some purpose.

  8. i.e.: That is

  9. Inches: game scale of 10 feet on the indoor (dungeon) scale, and 10 yards on the outdoor scale, range only. For area of affect, it means feet.

  10. Identify: In my campaign the spell Identify doesn’t use a gold fish, and it only gives approximate pluses of a magic item. Few is +1 or +2; several is +3 or +4; many is +5 or +6. Most of the +6 items are Unique. Broken or gone, they are gone forever.

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