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The Story of Crestar's Start: Part 2


A low quiet soft sigh came up from the artificial universe. It could just see it now… mediocre, bland, stifling.

A low singing voice was heard off in one direction. A slightly louder voice talked for some time.

While the Would Be Overlord fiddled with the controls, a world formed. Stars, two moons. An Ocean. Islands with different climates. Continents.

Nothing living, not even in the ocean.

A small tree grew deep in a hidden valley. The future home of the Valley Elves.

The tree vanished. The Would Be Overlord had spotted it, and hit the delete button.

Another small tree, an evergreen this time, appeared on the side of a mountain. Near what is now Dwarf Home.

Again deleted by the Would Be Overlord.

A rush of wind across the lands and oceans.

A third small tree appeared, covered by clouds, near a small horseshoe-shaped valley. The future home of surface gnomes. Out in what would become The Great Open.

Clouds and tree smashed !

The pocket universe became smarter.

The small tree was dimension shifted. Near the future home of the Hill Giants south of Trillolara’s future home.

It went unnoticed by the Would be Overlord.

A small grove of trees appeared, slightly off-dimension, near the future home of the halflings.

A forest for the wood elves to hide in.

The First Age starts.

A few human-like people appear in the hidden valley that is the future home of Valley Elves. They have russet hair and emerald eyes, along with a second opposable thumb on their left hands. They stay for less than a local day, and are gone before the Would Be Overlord notices them. Their swords were sharp and bright. They wore tunics and breeches, with sandled feet. They didn’t seem fearful at all, except for the tiny skulls hanging from their belts.

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