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Dtgllo Castle, ruins Surface area


The castle is northwest of Hommlet. Its walls are 10 feet thick and 30 feet high. It looks like cut and laid stone, but its actually cut from one large block of stone. For the DM: The walls are not hollow, no passageways anywhere on the surface part of the castle.

The drawbridge leading out from land towards the gate looks old and decrepit. Its magical. To get it to close the gap, the magic words: ‘Close Sesame !’ should be spoken by one or more of the characters.

The gate door is of rotted wood. The characters can easily see the 10 foot by 10 foor by 10 foot orange cube.

Three crows are visible on one of the towers. After the party gets inside, one of the crows will fly over to the orange cube, land on it, and then be absorbed.

Only Holy Water and arrows harm the cube. Swords do it no damage and blunt weapons bounce. Treat the cube as if it has 20 hit points.

When all 20 hp are gone from the cube, it will dissolve revealing a 10 foot stair leading downwards at a 18.4 degree slope. It drops 30 feet in 10 feet horizontal distance.

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