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Dtgllo Castle, ruins level 2


Level 2 is 62.75 feet below level 1 (bottom of corridor). All of level 2 smells slightly moldy.

Level 2 of Dtgllo Castle, warning, Trillolara

Room 1) 30’ × 30’ × 30’ ( 27,000 cubic feet )

Various tic-tac-toe games ( circles and naughts) are carved into the stone floor. All with ‘X’ winning. At the last of the 30 games, one skeleton lies there with an axe in its head.

Its a trap: if the axe is removed:

The skeleton activates.

If the skeleton is not killed by the end of round 2 of combat,
it becomes 2 skeletons which must be killed by the end of the
second round of combat after the second skeleton arrives or they
become a total of 4 skeletons.

No more appear, no treasure.

Room 2) 45’ × 60’ × 20’ ( 54,000 cubic feet )

set of stairs in the center of the room
The stairs are 8’ wide, each tread and riser are 2’.
The entire stair is 8’ high.

Stepping on step one produces rings a chime in the key of E.
Step 2 rings a chime in the key of E
Step 3 rings a chime in the key of E
Step 4 rings a chime in the key of C

[ Which ‘spells’ eeec ! ]

If an elf presses down on the top step, a small cavity opens:
inside is a small locked box, normal chances to open:
two 500 gp gems, one of which glows in the dark.

The door that leads to room 4 has a warning sign on it

Level 2 of Dtgllo Castle, warning, Trillolara

Room 3) 20’ × 50’ × 10’ ( 10,000 cubic feet )

a bumpy floor. The bumps range from one inch in height
to 6 inches high. Nothing else here. (The bumps don’t do
anything, its just to puzzle the players.)

Room 4) 30’ × 20’ × 200’ ( 120,000 cubic feet )

The hallway entrance is at the top of the room. A character who doesn’t use a rope or spell to lower themselves takes 3.6 seconds to fall. 20d6 hp damage. Magic Armor gets +1 to SR per plus. If make SR vs. paralyzation, take half damage.

There are no gravity changes, no handholds.

Chest in the far part of the room: 3’ × 5’ × 3’, locked.

Chain mail + 2, long sword +2, shield + 1
550 gp, 724 sp, 1,000 cp worth 1.1 times Trillolaran coins.
( coinage worth 650.32 gp if change them for Trillolaran coins in Trillolara,
worth 591.2 gp if just use them. )
one 125 gp gem, two 75 gp gems, four 50 gp gems.

Secret door on west wall: door is 6’ wide by 8’ tall push on left to open. Leads to level 3 via a 20’ wide by 60’ long corridor. Spiral stairs leads downwards from there.

Room 5) 60’ × 40’ × 30’ ( 72,000 cubic feet )

The grey rectangle marks off an area only seen by the DM, refer to room

7 Large castle wall divides this area into 2 rooms.

Generate random numbers for all of the party using an even numbered die. ( 1d4 or 1d6 or 1d8 or 1d10 or 1d12 or 1d20) Any character that gets an even number result, one of the ballistas in room 7 will fire when that character goes into the grey marked area when the characters have been in the room for 5 minutes.

The moat is 10 feet deep and it swirls like something invisible is in it, e.b. large and snake-like.

No opening in the wall nor at the ends of the wall. Swimming the moat will work, except there are no handholds on the wall side of the moat.

The merloned wall allows rope and grapnel to be used, or a character could use any of the spells that enable flying, etc. No arrow loops in the merlons.

Room 6) 6’ × 6’ 10’ secret room in room 7 ( 360 cubic feet )

small chest: locked

Poison trap lock: SR means no affect. Miss SR character takes 5 hp damage and is in pain
until Cure Light Wounds or Cure Poison is cast on the character. A thief would be -20 percent
to open locks until this curing is done.

box has three 250 gp gems, and 50 pp Dwarf Home coins. ( worth 1.5 times face value)

Room 7) 40’ × 40’ × 20’ ( 32,000 cubic feet ) ballista room

The 5 ballistae are mounted so as to fire between the merlons on the wall
separating room 5 from room 7. Mostly they hit in the part of room 5 where the grey area
is marked on the map. They do not reload. Any character in the grey area is at AC 10.
The weapons are of metal and wood construction. Only way to remove them is to break them up.

Top of the stairs:
From level 2, room 4, a 20’ wide by 60’ long corridor leads to a spiral
stone stair that goes downward. The stairs are 10’ in diameter and go
down 150’. The walking area on the stone spiral stairs is 5’ wide. The
total depth at the bottom of the spiral stair is 412.75 feet.

At 100’ down, the characters see carvings on the walls. The carvings are
of warriors in feathered headresses and look similar to Mayan and Aztec
styles. A plaster-stone combination blocks the stairs at 120’ down. There
are words carved and painted on it. If Read Languages is cast: Tomb of
Tonichto. Warrior King of Thaclara.’ The plaster wall is thin and can be
broken with Knock spells or maces. Behind it they will find a row of
inlaid stone blocks with no mortar holding them in place. They can be
removed with 2 hours of work. Hitting them with blunt weapons will cause
an echo to come up from below that sounds like that of a hammer on an
anvil. ( tap-tom-tap-tap)

Behind the stone wall is a passage that is richly painted and carved with
jungle scenes. Warriors are fighting. Spell casters are attacking each
other and warriors. Jaguars on leashes are being used to attack wounded
warriors. The characters soon realize there are two groups involved.
Those with blue feathered headresses and those with green feathers.

As the characters go downward, the spiral staircase passage is 5 feet
wide, they hear faint ‘jungle sounds’, mostly birds. The walls and
air gets damper and damper as they go further downward.

Now they see fighters and spell casters with orange feathers attacking
both the green and blue feathered groups.

Level 2: converting all items found to gold gives: 2,950.32 gp equivalent

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