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Dtgllo Castle, level 3, bottom of spiral stairs, Trillolara


Map is 50’ × 50’. Grid is 10’ squares. Path is 3’ wide’.

entrance map to level 3 of Dtgllo Castle, Trillolara

At the bottom of the staircase, the characters find themselves on the edge of a large area of jungle. Trees, brush, birds, small lizards, and insects abound. The ceiling is approximately 100’ up. There is a dim greenish-yellow glow reminiscent of sunlight shinning through jungle growth, but it seems ‘wrong’ somehow. Then they realize the ‘sunlight’ is coming from everywhere, uniformly, even near the staircase. It cannot be actual sunlight shinning on these trees.

The only walls the characters see are at the spiral stairs. The rest of the area is jungle. If they ‘check for depth’ they will find they are about 413’ down.

Note: the passageways in the jungle growth move after the characters leave the clearing near the stairs. The amount of frustration of finding the same ‘rooms’ over and over is up to you.

The pedestals the statues are on are 3’ high.

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