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Dtgllo Castle, level 3, room 4, Trillolara


Map is 50’ × 50’. Grid is 10’ squares. Path is 3’ wide’.

Room 4) 50’ × 50’ area

Three statues

a) Elf woman on the left one: Vanished about 50 years ago.
If rescued, taken back to the surface and Dwarfbas,
the party receives 750 gp and a quiver of 12 arrows +1
for her rescue.

b) A statue of a jaguar: AC6, Move 15”, HD 4+1,
attacks claw/claw/bite 1d3/1d3/1d8, close combat 2 more
attacks from rear claws of 1d3/1d3 Becomes a jaguar 2
minutes after Tochnito activates.
No treasure.

c) Mummy on the right one. Its Tochnito. He isn’t an actual
mummy, attacks as a Ghoul.

After Tochnito is defeated and dies, his pedestal falls apart
revealing his treasure. 2,000 cp; 1,000 ep; 500 gp;
two 1500 gp necklaces; three 650 gp gems; Long sword +1,
Ring of Fire resistance, Long bow +1, Sling +1

He wasn’t the King of the Jungle Lands, but was a usurper
from Trillolara, so his gear is Trillolaran style.

level 3, room 4 of Dtgllo Castle, Trillolara

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