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Dtgllo Castle, level 3, room 5, Trillolara


Map is 50’ × 50’. Grid is 10’ squares. Path is 3’ wide’.

That is low lying scrub around this, and only this, pedestal.

Room 5) 10’ × 10’ area
Small rocky pad in the center of this area. Its large enough
for the entire party, including the elf, to stand on. It will
teleport them to halfway to a nearby town.
Will detect as trap.

An hour after they leave, and Tochnito is defeated, area 3 vanishes,
along with all of the spiral stone stairs.

A month after this adventure is over, a Chaotic Neutral party character
will find in his or her room a long sword +1 CN. No abilities. If more
than one CN character, roll percentile dice. Lowest roll wins. They wont
be able to trace it, but a sage, 45 percent chance, can figure out why
it showed up.

Level 3: converting all money items found to gold gives: 7,107.5 gp
equivalent including the money from rescuing the elf.


level 3, room 5 of Dtgllo Castle, Trillolara

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