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Lost Keep, Chel, Kingdom of Gesh


Some Links for B/X ( D&D Basic and Expert.)

On the way to Gella Castle ruins.

1) dead orc by the road.

2) a young wolf Has less than an adult hp. No treasure

3) a campfire, no heat/coals.

4) a campfire, no heat/coals.

5) a dead orc fighter

Nearby is a corn snake, non-poisonous

6) another campfire, no wood in the circle, just ashes.

7) the Lost Keep. About 54 feet by 40 feet. 6 Centipedes and 4 spiders inside. Small chest under the remains of the stone steps. Contains 5 gold pieces, 75 silver pieces, and 100 copper pieces. One plain gold non-magical ring worth 5 gold pieces.

8) a pine tree. Area is too warm for such trees. Could they be an illusion ?

9) a small hole, the dirt is piled near it. Looks like a small box was removed.

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