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Shagtor Castle ruins entrance page


Shagtor, odd-shaped, castle:

Several debris fields, former walls, living quarters, and storage areas.

Each debris field has a chance of causing slips and falls.

Some of the smaller debris areas look deliberate built, like they were placed there as a defense by the former inhabitants.

 Odd-shaped, Map 1, Trillolara

 Odd-shaped, Map 2, Trillolara

roll percentile dice: if the dice show a number at or below the percentage, the character must roll the number of six-sided dice vs. dexterity.

If the roll is over the character’s dexterity, a fall occurred. The amount of damage is an estimate made by the DM based on the amount over the character’s dexterity. Typically 1d6 hp. If on a large mound of rocks and other debris ( such as C and F), 2-3d6 hp. 5% – 20% chance to have a limb trapped by a rock.

chance vs Dexterity
A 10% 4d6
B 25% 4d6
C 90% 5d6 lots of loose rocks
D 20% 4d6
E loose blocks scattered, easy to walk through, horses must be led. Area is marked by lines.
F 95% 5d6 lots of loose rocks

Rubble in area B, area 19, is 30 feet high in the center.

Wall in area D is 3 feet high, old tower is 15 feet high slants up to 60 feet high near the lord’s quarters/room 26.

Area F is 15 feet high.

The interior wall, near/between the two towers is 5-7 feet high of debris, loose rocks.

The outer intact walls are 20 feet thick, 30 feet high.

The walls of rooms 6-11 are 10 feet high.

Rubble areas 17 and 18 are 5 feet high in the center.

Area B is 30 feet high in the center.

Rubble areas 15 and 18 are purpose built by the present inhabitants as a defense to cover the entrance path.

Rubble area 16 is 5 feet high much of its length. 6 foot gap between it and the wall.

Between E and 27 its possible to walk carefully and avoid all stones. makes the characters easy targets for missle weapons though.

Wall areas 23 and 24 are intact.

The only inhabitable areas are: 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. And the 4 tents near the well at 21.

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