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Shagtor Castle ruins, surface rooms


I’m not certain now where I had placed this in my campaign, so I’ll just place it in Trillolara’s section.

There are many difficult and injury causing paths to take into the interior of this old castle. I made the hidden parts visible so other DMs could run this adventure.

The only safe ones are the B and E paths. They should be easily spottable by any thief or ranger looking for a path. I made all of the hidden areas visible so other DMs could run this adventure.

Checking is done by rolling the listed number of d6 dice. If the roll is over their dex, they fall.

A: 10 percent chance to fall per step. 4d6 vs. Dex

B: off path: 25 percent chance to fall per step. 4d6 vs. Dex

C: 90 percent chance to fall per step. 5d6 vs. Dex

D: 20 percent chance to fall per step. 4d6 vs. Dex

F: 95 percent chance to fall per step. 5d6 vs. Dex

G: walls still remaining. 20 feet tall. no path

H: 25 percent chance to fall per step. 4d6 vs. Dex

The surface map of this castle plan is made up of four 180’ x 240’ map sections. Thats four sheets of graph paper. The tower map was drawn on one sheet of graph paper.

 Odd-shaped, Map 1, Trillolara

 Odd-shaped, Map 2, Trillolara

Room 1) hexagonal room of first floor, 60’ tower

rubble in this room is fake. The bandits cleaned this out, and placed some of their supplies under the rubble they left in here.

The spiral stairs go up to the upper levels of this tower. The spiral downward
is choked with real, from the seige, rubble. Two days to clear.

4 food and 2 water barrels covered by broken wood
( some of the wood, upon close search, will show its tied together
so it can be easily removed. )

the sacks contain dried food like apples, rice, and apricots. Rice and
appricots are not from this region.

barrel in the open is their ready water supply

Room 2) second floor, tower

only opening is an arrow slot onto the main castle grounds

spiral stairs continue upwards

ballista and 30 bolts for it

3 beds, 2 water and 1 food barrels, trunk of spare clothes

three bandits, level 3. Chain mail, shields, long swords

small stool for guard to watch interior of castle grounds

Room 3) third floor, tower

8 arrow slots cover the interior and exterior walls.

a) 2’ thick stone backstops, prevents arrows from bouncing around the room

b) spiral stairs

c) a doorway that leads to the walls. No door blocks the entrance.

ballista and 40 bolts for it

Room 4) 30’ x 26’ x 8’ fourth floor, tower

store room for weapons, arrows, etc. all dust now

Room 5) top floor, tower dusty

top of the tower. The bandits don’t go up here.
Its too easy for them to be spotted at long distances.

but there is fresh human blood here…

Room 6) 16’ x 33’ x 10’ stables

the bandits sometimes keep horses here

Room 7) 29’ x 33’ x 10’ store room

food and water barrels. The windows don’t have glass in them, but do have boards partially covering the opening to give an ‘abandoned look’ to it.

chest #1: locked: 2,000 silver pieces ; 3 nice daggers worth 50 gp each; small painting with gold leaf frame worth 5 gp

chest #2: locked: 3,000 cp covering 75 platinum pieces ; four 55 gp gems

chest #3: 250 gold pieces ; 650 silver pieces ; 1,500 copper pieces

chest #4: locked with 2 locks: contains several pouches of gems, loot. one hundred 30 gp gems (3,000 gp); twenty 75 gp gems (1,500 gp); three 320 gp gems (960 gp); one 2,000 gp gem ( total 7,640 gp worth)

crate #5: 6 bolts of silk cloth. One is actually ‘shimmer sheen’, a cloth of unknown origin… worth lots of money. The 5 bolts of silk are worth 375 gp each. The shimmer sheen is worth 15,000 gp. The bandits think its a peculiar looking silk cloth.

crate #6: 6 bolts of silk cloth worth 375 gp each. Spoils of their banditry.

barrels #7: spare food and water

2 chairs and a bench

Room 8) 20’ x 30’ x 10’ quarters

5 beds, table, 3 chairs, 3 buckts of water, 1 brazier

five 4th level bandits(fighters): chain mail, long swords, open face helms, shields, long bows with 20 arrows, daggers each small chest contains their personal belongings and spare clothes.

Room 9) 10’ x 12’ x 10’ bandit leader’s quarters

one 6th level fighter. Chain +1 NE, long sword +1/+2 vs good or lawful, long bow and 20 arrows chair, bookshelf (mostly scavenged books and ledgers of their loot)

small chest contains spare clothes and in the bottom is 30 platinum pieces and a 150 gp gem

Room 10) 18’ x 9’ x 10’ secret store room

Not noticeable from outside, in the center of the castle grounds. But rather obvious from the nearby rooms

Not much here: The bandits have figured there might be a room here, but they prefer plunder. Hidden rooms are all too often trapped. But they might get curious one day… Chest: locked: long sword +1 NG ; chain +2 ; scroll cleric: Heal (3)

Room 11) 20’ x 34’ x 10’ used as a store room

picks, shovels, 2 wheelbarrows, 5 steel rods, 10 felling axes, extra blankets, braziers, 15 food barrels.

Room 12) 20’ x 40’ collapsed slate roof, walls 7’

wooden beams and roof collapsed inward. (building appears to have been set afire from inside…)

forgotten metal box next to castle wall, rusted shut contains three 25 gp gems ; and one 150 gp necklace

Room 13) collapsed area former Great Hall

a weeks digging through this rubble will yield up 30 gp in coins

Room 14) 76’ x 15’ high, collapsed main tower just rubble

Room 15) pile of rubble: 10’ x 40’ x 5’ in center was stone tables

Room 16) pile of rubble: 40’ x 30’ x 10’ high

was crafthall and quarters

3 days of moving rocks will find 30 gp in gold and silver scrap

Room 17) 50’ x 20’ x 8’ rubble

barracks, several bones (arms and legs) project from edges

Room 18) 20’ x 10’ x 4’ rubble

Room 19) site of northwest tower

appears to have been smashed from the southwest

B: off path: 25 percent chance to fall per step. 4d6 vs. Dex

Room 20) site of gatehouse

smashed from above

F: 95 percent chance to fall per step. 5d6 vs. Dex

Room 21) well, cleaned out and in use

each nearby tent is the home of 4 level zero bandits. leather and studded leather armor, long swords, long bows with 20 arrows each tent has food and water each bandit has from 1-10 silver pieces

Room 22) former servants’ quarters rubble

Room 23) 6’ tall breastwork made of castle rocks

+4 to AC from arrow slots, no mortar

Room 24) 6’ tall breastwork made of castle rocks

+4 to AC from arrow slots, no mortar

Room 25) rubble: 10’ x 40’ x 5’ high

+2 to armor class

Room 26) wagon, 6’ x 8’ long, used by those who have moved in

Room 27) old carving on tree trunk

CT and a vertical line. Looks like interrupted work

Room 28) 6’ tall breastwork made of castle rocks

+4 to AC from arrow slots, no mortar

Room 29) 30’ x 36’ x 20’ former store room, rubble

Room 30) odd-shaped room former lord’s quarters, rubble

stone stairs, choked with rubble, go down to first level

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