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Shagtor Castle ruins, level 3 rooms


 Odd-shaped, Map 5, Trillolara

Room 1) 20’ x 20’ x 20’ room of the invisible doors

There are several burned/melted bodies that were going in the direction of the metal stairs.

The spiral metal stairs look new on this level.

Detect Magic will show areas that look like doorways.

If anyone says words to the affect:
“Which door do we open first ?”

A Magic Mouth will appear and say:
“Some say ‘tis death,
some say ‘tis life,
go not widdershins my friend if you want to be safe !”

Painted sign on one wall:
“Place of the Forgotten Ones”

If Detect Magic is cast on it, shows:
ABANDON ! All Hope Ye Who STAY Here
IN These rooms !”

(Kinda of a trap, as I have used capitalized letters and words in just such a situation to give information to the players. Thats not true this time.)
If the characters announce they are going widdershins, the door leads to room 5 otherwise to room 2. Room 5 is a death trap.

Room 2) 10’ x 20’ x 10’ – 20’ x 10’ x 20’ – 20’ x 20’ x 30’ Room of Desire

on wall they first see: “Room of Desire”

There are two pictures on the wall.
1) Of the most perfect woman
2) of the most perfect man

A trap: Any character that looks at a picture for longer than 10 game minutes,
must SR 4d6 vs. Charisma

If fail, must roll 1d20 vs. Magic or join the opposite sex in the painting.
If fail the second time, stay in the painting.

Room 3) 30’ x 10’ x 10’ – 10’ x 30’ x 20’ - 50’ x 10’ x 40’ (38,000 cubic feet)

on wall they first see: “Room of Wealth”

Magic Fountain glows until all magic drinks are drunk

drink affects

1. Glow in the dark for 1 game week
2. Magic missle at drinker: 2d4+2 hp
3. +2 Dexterity permanent
4. +1 Prime requisite for 1 game year
5. 500 xp permanent
6. 300 xp permanent
7. heal 12 hp permanent
8. +1 SR vs. poison permanent
9. one 100 gp gem permanent
10. Mental block towards mental attacks for 4 game months.

Room 4) 10’ x 30’ x 10’ – 60’ x 10’ x 20’ - 20’ x 10’ x 40’ ( 59,000)

on wall they first see: “Room of Wonderous Weapons”

In metal racks about the room are long swords, short swords, daggers, crossbows, long bows, short bows, maces, spears, battle axes, flails, hammers, javelins, two-handed swords, arrows, quarrels, tridents, scimitars

All glow under Detect Magic

All retain and are magic in this room, +1 to hit/damage. If any are removed
all of that character’s metal equipment will turn to rust when they return to room 1.

If any characters do partake of these weapons, one of their weapons at random will gain +1 to hit/damage.

Room 5) 30’ x 30’ x 30’ (27,000) Death room

Sign on Wall:

“To Live, Die !
To Die, Live !”

If the players went clockwise, this room will detect as evil and a trap.

And they will be able to leave, otherwise…

Good refuse and neutrals commit suicide to exit.

If they came in widdershins, they lose their most important piece of equipment.

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