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Quasqueton Castle ruins close in area


Trillolara entrance page

There are 2-3 skeletons in groups scattered about the hill the dungeon is inside. They stay near the hill, not moving around the area. Roll 1d20. Any one walking here encounters them on a roll of 1-7.

I placed a group of 3 near the tunnel entrance and 3 near the brown tree southwest of the tower.

There are 12 groups in all. The rest are 6 groups of 2 and aren’t mapped and should be considered wandering monsters.

Once all 12 groups have been destroyed, no more will show up as those who lived in Quasqueton are gone. No one to reanimate more.

Once the characters go up the over grown road to this area, there are few trees. The ground is mostly rocky. The few trees look in bad shape, some are sickly looking with reddish leaves. They appear to be oak trees, but the few green leaves look unhealthy.

If the characters go into these forest areas, the only prevalant life they will find are small winged singing lizards. They aren’t dragon young.

Quasqueton Castle area, Trillolara

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