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Trillusion Castle (ruins), Teslarc level 2 info and png


map of Trillusion Castle,  level 2, 450 x 300

Room 1: 10’ × 10’ × 10’

Dust, otherwise empty.

Room 2: 10’ × 10’ × 10’

dried remains of 2 giant centipedes.

Trip wire on the way to room 3 is a fake.

Room 3: 20’ × 30’ × 10’

Secret door: push up to open.

Room 3a: 10’ × 10’ × 10’

Up above the floor of room 3.

Has an auto-fire repeating heavy crossbow. It can fire 5 times. Its firing area is marked on the side view drawing at the bottom left of the map.

Any character moving into the firing area will be fired upon once. Any more character movement will get fired upon. This continues until all 5 bolts have been fired.

Dusty area around the crossbow. A thorough search finds 1 platinum piece.

Room 4: 40’ × 100’ × 10’

The illusional fighter is at 5th level. AC 5 with chain mail. Long sword and shield. Attacks anyone entering the room. Dispels after 5 combat rounds.

Standard secret door: to open, push on the east side after finding it.

Room 5a: 60’ × 10’ × 10’

Trap inside the door. 1d4 hp per time someone steps on it.

Room 5b: 60’ × 10’ × 10’

False trap inside door. Trap door drops 2 inches.

Room 6: 10’ × 10’ × 10’

Regular wooden door into the room. Pull handle on the right.

2 skeletons guard a chest

Chest: 2’ long, 2’ wide, 1’ high. No carry handle, locked. 45 gold, 150 silver pieces. two 25 go gems.

The corridor between room 4 and 7 sometimes echos from footsteps not made by the adventurers.

Room 7: 70’ × 90’ × 15’

Contains a 20’ × 90’ × 50’ deep moat in front of a castle-style wall.

Room is dusty, footprints are visible.

If any of the characters have encountered goblins and orcs before, they will recognize the footprints.

Room 8: 20’ × 30’ × 10’

Empty, but some of the dust could be rotted furniture.

The secret door is pushed upwards to open. The secret door is trapped. 1d6 electrical damage to first character that finds the door, make save for half.

Room 9: 20’ × 30’ × 10’

Empty, but some of the dust could be rotted furniture.

On the north wall is scratched ‘Croatoan’.

(Originally found on a tree near early American colony, the original inhabitants disappeared.)

Room 10: 30’ × 90’ × 10’

Parapet is 9.5’ wide, the merlons take up 4.5’ × 4.5’ each. With a 5’ gap between each one.

Moving the 30th brick from the east side, next to the south edge, will cause a secret door in the south wall to reveal itself. This leads to a 5’ wide and 5’ high tunnel that exits the west side of the ridge.

The tunnel exit is partially blocked on the side of the ridge. The player characters will need shovels and picks, or it will take 2 days instead of 1 day to clear the exit.

Room 13: 10’ × 20’ × 20’

3 zombies in the room.

1 black widow spider on the ceiling

The corridor to room 11 is 15’ high.

Regular wooden door into room 11. Pull handle on the right side going south. Push plate on left side going north.

Room 11: 10’ × 20’ × 20’

South wooden door has a pull handle on both side, east side of door.

Nothing in the room.

Room 12a: 70’ × 20’ × 10’ – 30’ × 33’ × 10’

The storeroom to the left side is part of this room. The dashed line shows the limit between 12a and 12b.

Debris blocking exit west and east from room. There are small pieces of metal in both piles so carelessly moving them will cause a sound heard throughout room 12.

This will alert the Orcs in room 12c. They have been trapped here since the secret door closed and they couldn’t figure out how to open it again. Their leader who did know how to open it was killed by the previous group of adventurers who came here. The adventurers didn’t make it either.

The lamp light between rooms 12b and 12c are clearly visible to anyone in room 12a.

The storage barrels are mostly empty.

Two at the north end have dried apricots, marked with the letter A on the map. (In my campaign, the player character have smelled apricots just before they encounter Ogres.

And apricots don’t grow in Trillolara, Dank Forest, and probably not in Teslarc either.)

The one next to it has dried apples, marked with a letter B on the map.

The four marked C on the map have clean water in them.

The barrels have no markings the player characters can see.

Thes northmost word, near the barrels marked on the maps, looks very green with crud. A careful cleaning shows it is a silver sword (An Identify will show it to be magic +1 to hit and +1 to damage.)

(In my campaign, Identitfy could only show a result of ‘few’ for +1 or +2, ‘several’ for +3 or +4, or ‘many’ for +5 or +6 items. Determining exact pluses and charges for items was impossible, unless a Wish or Limited Wish was used. Most +6 items are unique. If broken, they are gone forever.)

The other swords are rusted normal swords.

Room 12b: 70’ × 40’ × 10’ – 12’ × 20’ × 15’

A torch on one wall. The 30’ radius light is marked on the map.

The sword isn’t rusted. But it glows a light blue. (not magical)

Room 12c: 70’ × 40’ × 10’

15 beds, most are rotted and covered with dust.

Near bed marked B are 4 orcs. They have longswords, shields, Arnan helms without chain mail coifs. Two of them have light crossbows and 12 quarrels each.

Area marked A: under the bed is a small box, the spoils the Orcs have. 15 gold pieces, 45 silver pieces, 100 copper pieces. And from one adventurer who no longer has a use for it, a ring of protection +1.

Room 14: 70’ × 130’ × 10’

The sinkhole goes to a small cave below, about 10’ × 10’ × 10’

Listen quietly, the characters will hear scratching sounds, like several animals are diging.

The secret door leading to room 15 is findable 1 in 6.

The corridor to room 15 is 20’ high.

Room 15: 100’ × 70’ × 15’

The 5 metal spiral stairs lead downward.

Stairs 1, 2, and 4 stop just below floor level.

Stair 5 leads down into a small cavern with one sinkhole. Signs of battle due to the 3 dead kobolds.

Stair 3 leads down 30’ to a small tunnel going southward that leads to a room: 80’ × 50’ × 20’

In the room are 10 kobolds who would prefer to bargain for another way out. They are the remnants of the 30 kobolds that came down here via a tunnel. The rest have been killed by the 3 carrion crawlers that live down one sinkhole and the 8 giant centipedes that live down the other sink hole.

If they are told how to get out, they will mention the secret tunnel and what room it is located in. They don’t know how to open it.

Standing around and talking loudly will attract the carrion crawlers and the giant centipedes.

While the centipedes and crawlers don’t coordinate their attacks, both attacking at the same time could overwhelm the characters and the kobolds.

map of Trillusion Castle,  level 2

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