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This is my Advanced Dungeons and dragons first edition web site. It contains maps of hemispheres, continents, islands, cities, towns, villages, dungeons, ruins, etc. The downloads page contains links to zip files of dungeon maps with the associated text.

I have added a few adventures and characters. I’ll add more as I have time.

Crestar is a fictional planet I created as a background for my games in 1980. It isn’t a parallel Earth nor a parallel Amber. I started with Trillolara and added to it. The Northern Hemisphere is fairly recent and was never part of the game sessions back then.

And please note no third party site had anything to do with my site. I did this all by my self.

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The old Crestar site has been deleted, I am creating new maps. All old surface maps on this site have been deleted. There are a few outdated maps here, they are place holders and will be deleted and updated in the coming months. These are particularly in some adventure dungeons.

I created this web site myself, with no outside help.

My comments about other php CMS software.

Added links in my site navigation menu, second row, for my maps I do for learning Epic Table.

August, 2023

Aug 24

Added Material Spell Components Document from Dragonsfoot by Murdock Berk

July, 2023

Jul 20

Working on various things around the house so no new maps currently.

June, 2023

June 8

Fixed some links, navigation menus are still not updated.

June 7

I have started adding the rest of the ‘docs’ site to this site.

June 06

Categories will have to be added to complete the new entries, then update the navigation menus. Going to be slow.

Moving my Docs site over to here.

I have fixed map 4C on Dwarf Home level 04

May, 2023

May 31

All of the Shogosh character has been moved over here from my Docs site. All categories should be moved as well.

May 26

I am in the process of moving two sub-domains over to here; Crestar’s documents site and Crestar’s people of Crestar site. Only some of the categories have been moved.

April, 2023

Apr 17

Adding in The City, capital of the Kingdom of Ladtodquill. The link to the html page for the thumbnails is under the second ‘Southern Hemisphere’ on the Nations sub-menu.

January, 2023

Jan 25

Fixed a bad pic link in the Barrow Islands, updated 3 maps: Northern Hemisphere, Barrow islands.

Jan 22

Updated maps: Northern Islands group, Shalia Island, Spill Island, Star Island, Tala-Tok Island, Tanra and Kolosh Islands, Tantalow Island, and Tulah Islands. Most of the Dank Forest maps are also updated.

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You may know him as Thorkhammer on

1) Descent into the Caves of the Unknown 546 kilobytes

2) Cold Drake Canyon 1.2 megabyte

3) Bone Mountain 1 megabyte. Link fixed Nov 27, 2019

4) Luln 2.9 megabytes

5) OD & D Ranger Supplement 210 kilobytes

6) Swamp Women 2 megabytes

7) The Night Down Under 710 kilobytes

8) The Shrine of the Sightless Eye 1.4 megabyte

9) The Ward of Wereskalot 2.1 megabytes

10) X14 Atlantis The Sunken City 1.5 megabytes. Link fixed Nov 27, 2019

11) Zombie Manor 489 kilobytes

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