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This site is mostly about my 1980-1985 paper and pencil Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I have added maps and content since I created this blog.

We played many times. At first we only played once a week. At my peak of refereeing, I ran 5 games a week from 2 to 8 hours each in 3 different game stores with one weekly session at home.

We stopped playing in 1985/1986 as it was just taking up too much of my time.

Years later, I found web pages had been invented. I also found the mapping software, Campaign Cartographer 2.

I started small, one map a week, in 1999. Oceans, cities, towns, castles, ruins, nations. At first I scanned my old paper maps, 5mm hexagon and square grid paper. Imported the BMPs into CC2, traced over them. Added symbols and text. Saved them as CC2 fcw files and pngs. Created my website, and uploaded the files.

These days I use Campaign Cartographer 3 with add-ons. I have created a number of new maps for this web site.

update: June 7, 2016; I’m learning how to use CC3+ and I think you should buy a copy.

It didn’t happen all at once.

I came up with Potter first. The inn and a general store. I slowly added to it.

Then I came up with Fondfield and Trillolara, the nation Potter and Fondfield are located in. Added the Mountains of Death so the bad guys would have a place they could be found. Dank Forest as a location for other players to game in. I didn’t want the several game groups to adventure in the same game world locations.

I added in Teslarc, as another place for another store group to game in.

This fictional location game world has grown since.

The Southern Hemisphere has only one large continent; Bellshar and many islands. It also is more detailed.

The Northern Hemisphere has several continents; Darshan, Flat, Zor and the Barrow Islands. I’ll add more maps to this hemisphere as I have time.

When I setup a town for my campaign, I don’t detail all inhabitants nor all buildings. That leaves me some room, in case I have to add some townspeople or travelers for a scenario. Actually, its very minimal. Most players in my campaigns wanted to adventure, not spend time in town. Some wanted to have town or political adventures, but I disliked that type of adventure. Usually too much to keep track of.

Note that area maps are generalized in locations. Natural features like forests and mountains may be moved slightly as I get down to detailed maps. The local maps, which show hamlets and villages, will be the most accurate for locations.

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