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    Zips linked below. The maps are 2000 pixels across. I shrank them by 50% so they will load on this page faster.

    The same maps are in each zip file.

    1. large green path, small brown path, bush, skeleton, hedge

    2. brush, some bush no leaves, stump of a tree, wild pig, 2 wide green paths.

    3. 2 tree stumps, red brush, green shrubbery, broken stone walls, 2 rock piles, wide green path, pergole

    4. two paths, large red shrubbery, green bushes, tree stump, rock piles

    5. very few bushes, pergole, rock pile, tree stump, pumpkin patch

    6. large sand area, cactus of several types, brush pile

    7. small sand area, a few bushes, a narrow path, a few small leafless bushes.

    7 maps, jpg, 5’ grid 4.5 megabytes, 7 maps. | 7 maps, jpg, no grid 4.3 megabytes, 7 maps.

    7 maps, png, 5’ grid 33.6 megabytes, 7 maps. | 7 maps, png, no grid 32 megabytes, 7 maps.

    Examples of some of the maps in these zip files.

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