Blue Dog Inn in a Town called Petal, Zogand

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Blue Dog Inn has a sign above the front door of a blue dog, no hair, with glowing eyes, above the door.

Owner and 5 employees. Half-Ogre owner, 2 human cooks, two human serving maids, one elf bar tender.

rooms: 5 single person rooms, 1 sp per night, meals included
5 that hold 2 to 4 people, 2 cp per person per night., meals extra
dorm room holds 15 people, 1 cp per night, meals extra.


bowl of soup and a few crackers, 2 cp
roasted chicken, 3 sp
roasted beef, 5 sp
bread and cheese, 5 cp
3 eggs and bacon, 4 cp
Ale, pint 2 cp
Beer, pint 3 cp

Categories Tunnels and Trolls, Scenario


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