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November, 2016

Nov 6

Updated the map for Zogand.


Aug 27

Working on navigation menus. Done.

Aug 16

Added part of a new town, Joker. Added some region maps and a bit of site navigation.

Aug 15

Added a partial hexagon world. Working on a generic price list for this game world for items, weapons, armor, packs, etc. that I copied from my AD&D first edition site. But its not in coinage for this game so I will have to find time to convert them.

Updated the world map. Added Zogand, The Rocks, and Shur Land area maps.

Aug 1

In the process of typing and posting an alphabetized generic price list for game items for my campaign. About 15 pages worth. Some letters wll be combined.


July 12

Added detail on the town.


June 17

Added a comment on the game.

June 16

First scenario posted. I’ll add town details later on.

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