Scenarios #1, haunted ruins, Petal, Zogand

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There are no flowers with petals in this town.

Two ruined buildings and an old ruined temple. Temple is on a pedestal 10 feet up. The white ‘plates’ are pillars or part of fallen pillars.

Bldg 1:

room 1, empty

room 2, skeleton, MR 2

room 3, scimitar floating above a stone circle which is sunk into the ground. Slightly rusty, no magic.

Bldg 2:

room 1, empty

room 2, 2 skeletons, MR 2 each

room 3, 1 skeleton, MR 2


1, stairs, stone dirt, dirt leaves

2, fallen over pillar pieces, small harmless snake under it. MR 1

3. pothole in floor, 1st level roll vs. Dex or fall.

4. skeleton, 1st level roll vs. luck, or skeleton gets first blow due to surprise. , MR 2

5. shrouded body. Dead, not undead. Has a pouch of 100 gp and one 50 gp gem.

6. peep hole so adventurers can look in.

7. fallen over pillar pieces, poisonous snake hiding under it. MR 1

8. loose stone on side of pedistal. 3 centipedes with MR 1 and 25 loose silver pieces.

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