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500 miles wide hexagons.

Dwarves, humans, a few elves and pixies. Stories of ogres and other evil beings up in the hills.

Petal is surrounded by farm lands, but there are ruins best avoided.

Some small seaports along the south, one larger seapor just above the word ‘Zogand’ on the map.

The northern green areas are tundra and bracken. A few bushes and stunted trees until the pine forests.

Map updated: Nov 6, 2016.

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This is the west end of Joker. The map is 500’ x 400’. Lots of farm land nearby. The nearby bay has a small or three seaport. The distant volcano occasionaly places an ash cloud over this area.

Tax collector by the gate. Villagers, guard towers, stone gate. A large wizard tower for the wizard who helps guard the town. Plenty of water sources to quell thirst. Even a tavern or two.

Each hexagon is 500 miles across.

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Not complete as I’ll be mapping it as I make decisions on what goes where. Old Town, the first scenario, is shown. Each hex is 500 miles wide. So most detail wont be shown.

The dark blue hexes are deep ocean. The light blue are shallower, but not rocky. The ocean rocks are marked.

Each triangle on the map, the points, are numbered.

1) nothing yet
2) Giants, Zogand
3) Zogand, Dwarves
4) Trolls
5) nothing yet
6) Zeg, Elves and Humans
7) wasteland
8) Shur Land, Elves and Humans
9) Shur Land, Elves and Humans
10) Zeg

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For now, use the standard prices for are in the book. I’ll come up with a proce list for this store as I have time.

Jo employs several people, some are part-time.

3 human clerks, 2 pixies that watch for anyone stealing from the store, 3 half-orcs who work in the back moving items when shipments arrive.

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Blue Dog Inn has a sign above the front door of a blue dog, no hair, with glowing eyes, above the door.

Owner and 5 employees. Half-Ogre owner, 2 human cooks, two human serving maids, one elf bar tender.

rooms: 5 single person rooms, 1 sp per night, meals included
5 that hold 2 to 4 people, 2 cp per person per night., meals extra
dorm room holds 15 people, 1 cp per night, meals extra.


bowl of soup and a few crackers, 2 cp
roasted chicken, 3 sp
roasted beef, 5 sp
bread and cheese, 5 cp
3 eggs and bacon, 4 cp
Ale, pint 2 cp
Beer, pint 3 cp

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