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George's Inn, Bleak Town


First floor map.


first floor;

room 1 storage
room 2 storage
room 3 main kitchen
room 4 secondary kitchen
room 5 Dorm, sleeps 18, fireplace,
room 6 Dining room, a number of tables and chairs, full menu
room 7 storage
room 8 storage
room 9 front desk and main office

second floor;
room 1 sleeps 6, fireplace, two tables
room 2 sleeps 7, fireplace, 4 tables
room 3 sleeps 4, with a bath tub
room 4 sleeps 8, fireplace, 2 tables
room 5 sleeps 6, , fireplace, table
rooms 6 sleeps up to 20, fireplace

food service; sandwiches, cheap beer

Basic room: 2 gp per night per character, sleeps a small group, light breakfast included. rooms 1 and 2 up stairs.
Nice room: 4 to 6 gp per night per character, hearty breakfast included. rooms 3, 4, 5 up stairs.
rooms with bath are 2 gp extra.
( bed, blanket, sheets, wash basin, thundermug )

First floor: Bunk room 5: 2 cp per night, no meals included.

Second floor: Dorm room 6: 1 cp per night, no meals and no furniture.

Dining area:

Beer, 1 copper piece, 1 silver piece, or 1 gold piece ( varies by quality)
Wine, 3 copper piece, 2 silver piece, or 2 gold piece ( varies by quality)
Soup and crackers; 2 silver pieces
roasted chicken; 4 silver pieces
roast duck, in season 6 silver pieces
roast beef, 1 pound; 1 gold piece
chicken soup and toasted bread 2 silver pieces
3 scrambled eggs, 2 slices bacon, tea 5 silver pieces
Hearty breakfast: 4 cooked chicken eggs, 5 slices bacon, 2 slices toasted bread or bisquits with butter, slice of ham, tea; 8 sp.

bread and one pound of cheese; 5 copper pieces

Veranda on first floor: various chairs, benches and tables. Balcony overhead Not otherwise protected from insects or the weather.

Second floor map.

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