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Bleak Town, 3


town center, each square is 50 feet.

1,200 people.

Mayor and council.

150 gate guards; leather or chain mail, long sword, dagger, foot mace, 30 archers short bow, 20 arrows, long sword.

15 serjeants, 8 lieutenants, 3 captains

5 blacksmiths

One inn; owner and family, 2 bartenders, 3 cooks, 5 dining servers, 3 balconey servers.

one General store; owner, 5 clerks.

one jewelry store; 2 jewelers ; 5 weapon makers, 2 potters,

map key

1) Inn

2) towers inside the walls

3) general store

4) town hall

5) barracks

6) fighter skills training school

7) non-fighter skills training school

8) private homes

9) guard commander’s home

10) mayor’s home

11) potters

12) weapon makers

13) tax collector

14) Inn and General store employees.

15) garment makers; leather and cloth

16) abandoned

17) religious buildings

18) Bob John’s Boot and Shoe Shop

19) Zarg’s winter and summer clothing

20)Cralo’s Food and Garments Market. foods, cloth, regular clothing

21) Big Bill’s Rug and Tapestry Emprium ! Reconditioning and we sell cheap !

Why doesn’t the wall go all the way around the town ? Why, because no one has ever attacked from that direction before.

Extra buildings will be added/labeled as needed.

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