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January, 2018

Jan 14

Updated basic information about Darshan continent and Fondland the nation. Bleak Town map has been updated, added more stores, but not detailed them.

Added details on three shops.

Getting some prices from Footprints 18

Jan 13

Updated/changed the Bleak Town map.

Jan 11

Added an overall map of Fondland. Added a possible adventure area 20 miles from Bleak Town.

Jan 6

Added drawings of people at George’s Inn. Added drawings of people at Brendal’s General Store. Added some basic info on Bar-Nalo.

Jan 5

Updated George’s Inn first floor, uploaded second floor map. Updated prices charged by the Inn.

Jan 1

Added first floor map for George’s Inn in Bleak Town. Added more information to the Inn article.


Dec 31

Added a store map for Grendal’s General Store, Bleak Town.

Dec 30

Apparently some maps werre not showing under some menu views, fixed.

Dec 26

Updating a few pages. And the site navigation.

Dec 23

Added a map for one adventure area, 200 mile across map. Bleak’s Forest.

Dec 22

Added Brendal’s General Store in Bleak Town. Updated the Bleak Town area, 800 miles across, map.

Added some articles, but they are a work in progress so they wont show for now.

Dec 21

Adding text to some of the maps. Likely adding navigation menus today. Added a basic history of Darshan continent.

Site navigation menus added, done. ( They will be updated as I add more articles.)

Added a 100 mile across, Bleak Town area. Added basic population numbers. Added Bleak Town center map, started work on George’s Inn.

Dec 20

Started this web site for an adventure of part of my old gaming group. Added maps.

Categories Crestar, Northern Hemisphere


( location 19 on the Bleak Town map)

Run by Zarg. A former human adventurer who was reincarnated as a lizard man. Store closed in spring and fall seasons.

cap 1 sp
cape, fur 110 gp
cape, linen 5 sp
cape, wool 8 cp

cloak, fur 150 gp
cloak, linen 7 sp
cloak, wool 7 cp

gloves, linen 2 sp
gloves, winter 5 cp

shawl, linen 3 sp
shawl, wool 5 cp

shirt/blouse, linen 4 cp
shirt/blouse, wool 1 sp

shorts 2 cp

skirt, linen 5 sp
skirt, wool 4 cp

socks, linen 2 sp
socks, wool 2 cp

trouser, linen 3 sp
trouser, woolen 5 cp

vest, linen 6 sp
vest, fur 25 to 75 gp

Categories Crestar, Northern Hemisphere


( location 18 on the Bleak Town map)

Run by Bob, a human male; 2 halflings, male; and a human male with gray hair.

boots, adventure 5 gp
boots, town 1 gp

sandals 5 cp

shoes, ordinary 5 sp to 1 gp

Most sizes available.

Repairs made.

boot and shoe repairs 4 cp to 15 sp

Categories Crestar, Northern Hemisphere


( location 20 on the Bleak Town map)

Getting some prices from Footprints 18

Run by Cralo, a human woman; 3 halflings, 2 male and one female; and a human male.

Most vegetables and fruits in season only.

Apples, turnips, corn, maize, celery, carrots, string beans, pinto beans, cranberries, hot peppers, bell peppers ( not spicy).

Crackers, cookies of various sorts.

Fruits and vegetables are sold and you provide the basquet. A basquet is typically 4 or 5 apples in size.

box, small wooden, 2’ × 2’ × 1’, 4 cu. ft , holds 1200 gp wt 3 gp

Cost is 3 cp to 4 gold, depending on season, first crop, scarcity, etc.

Typical prices
Apples 4 cp per pound
apples, winter 2 sp per pound
beans 4 cp per pound
cabbage 3 cp per pound
carrots 4 cp per pound
garlic, bud 2 cp each
grapes, 1 gp per pound
peppers, hot 1 sp each
peppers, bell 3 cp each
potatoes 2 cp per pound
potatoes, winter 5 cp per pound
rasins, fall only 2 sp per pound
salt, small wood box 1 gp per half pound
turnips 2 cp per pound

Crackers and cookies are bundled in butcher paper ( a brown paper), from one to three dozen cookes per package. Crackers are sold by the small wood box, which contains about 100 crackers. ( plain wheat not a digestive.)

Shorts, pants, belts, under garments, light jackets, hats.

All clothing they sell is appropriate for town use, not adventuring.

basket, small , 1’ across x 8 inches deep 1 sp 5 cp

basket, small, 1’ across x 8 inches deep , with lid 2 sp

belt 1 to 3 sp
blouse 1 sp and up

Cloth in bolts; cotton, in various colors. Occasionaly gets in some very expensive silk.

blanket, 3’ × 5’ 10 sp

buttons 3 for a copper piece up to 100 gp each

Cloth, canvas 1 sp per square yard
cloth, linen 7 cp per square yard
coth, silk 75 gp per square yard
cloth, wool 2 cp per square yard

sewing needles
bone 1 cp each
iron 5 cp each
silver 3 sp each

tweezers 7 sp each

Categories Crestar, Northern Hemisphere