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Maps and updates for my online game.

Currently adding in general local areas, etc. Mapping continues. More information on nations, etc. is being added from time to time.

Also using this site as a makeshift campaign journal. Conversations and other details left out, this will be generalities only.

One adventure done, another started.

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July, 2018

Jul 26

I have been planning on typing up a campaign journal for this adventure. I have the notes for all of the game sessions, not sure when I’ll get to it.


June 11

This game is on hold until I find new players.

I intend to type up, and post maps, of where they explored. I don’t know when I’ll get this done.


Apr 21

Fixed up the navigation menus.

They have rescued a high elf stuck in what is apparently a Time Stasis in an old abandoned keep.


Mar 31

The player characters are now headed to Sam’s Forest. They have 6 druids and 6 wood elves as help. One wagon carries them all.

Mar 14

Added a map of what was found in The Haunting, before the character party left it.


Feb 22

The player characters have escaped the dungeon, some parts of not explored.

Feb 17

Added a small part of The Haunting adventure.

The Haunting maps here

Feb 12

Added Fondland’s calender. No week day names yet.

Feb 11

Something is afoot in Bleak Town. A dwarf was spotted by the player characters being dragged into an abandoned house. Accompanied by guards and a constable. Store clerks whispered to the player characters its a bad idea to notice such things.

link to the adventure called
The Haunting

Feb 8

I used imgur to put maps on so I could show them on the Dragon’s Foot forums easier. The Blor Henge has been cleared, as far as the players know, of all bad and evil. They have returned to Bleak Town to sell the tapestry and check on a dagger they found.

Added maps and info on the Battle of Blor Henge.

January, 2018

Jan 19

Added a 50 mile by 40 mile map of the rea south of Bleak Town on the way to Blor Henge.

Jan 16

The game on Dragonsfoot.org goes apace, but we could use more players.

Jan 14

Updated basic information about Darshan continent and Fondland the nation. Bleak Town map has been updated, added more stores, but not detailed them.

Added details on three shops.

Getting some prices from Footprints 18

Jan 13

Updated/changed the Bleak Town map.

Jan 11

Added an overall map of Fondland. Added a possible adventure area 20 miles from Bleak Town.

Jan 6

Added drawings of people at George’s Inn. Added drawings of people at Brendal’s General Store. Added some basic info on Bar-Nalo.

Jan 5

Updated George’s Inn first floor, uploaded second floor map. Updated prices charged by the Inn.

Jan 1

Added first floor map for George’s Inn in Bleak Town. Added more information to the Inn article.

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Two houses on the south side of towns. They look abandoned. The one on the left is boarded up, with arrows stuck in the walls near the door. The other, well, guards, a magistrate, a constable, and prisoners, have been seen going in. No prisoners come back out.

The houses:

Player characters noticed a shimmering on the right hand house when the guards, etc. went in, and a shimmer when they came out.
This adventure may, or may not, be physically under Bleak Town.

A part of the explored dungeon.

Upon entering the house the next night, the player characters found a door pull handle in the center of a large room. Pulling on it caused a moment of disorientation, then they found themselves on a stone platform and these stairs leading down.

Room 1 was empty, room 2 had 2 bugbears in it.

Categories Crestar, Northern Hemisphere