October, 2019

Added two maps to level 3. Updated 3 I, map 3 J is in progress.

3 J is done, and uploaded.

June, 2019

Jun 3

Added 8 maps 134 rooms for level 4. 5 new maps.

Updated navigation menus.

Map I for level 4 in progress. It will include a way down to level 5.

Map I is complete and added to this site. All navigation menus updated.


May 14

Added 3 maps 51 rooms for level 4.

Updated navigation menus.

May 10

Found an html error in the level01 map page, all fixed.

Levels 1 and 3 are completed. Working on level 04.

May 7

In the process of adding 3 more maps to level 3. Yes, those are giant spider webs. Updated other maps with symbols to show traps, spider webs, treasure, pits, etc.

And added 2 more maps to level 1. Making 14 maps.

Level 1 has 14 maps, 132 rooms; level 2 has 6 maps, 77 rooms; level 3 has 7 maps, 77 locations/rooms.

Done. And site navigation menus updated as well.


Apr 20

Fixed a few links, added two articles. Updated the navigation menus.

Currently 22 maps on 3 levels.

Apr 18

Added Part D to Level 3. Site navigaion menus updated.

Apr 15

Added Level 01, Map L. Navigation menus updated.

Apr 14

Added some text to the About, FAQ, and Dwarf Home entrance articles.

Apr 12

Added 2 more maps to level 03. Navigation menus updated to.

Apr 8

Added part F of second level. Now there are 6 maps and 77 rooms on second level.

Found a missing file for level 01, uploaded it. Fixed a broken link for Map K on level 1.

I’ll be working on level 03 now.

Updated site navigation menus.

March, 2019

Mar 29

Added part D of second level. Added part E of second level. Now there are 5 maps and 64 rooms on second level.

I might, after I get a larger number of rooms, start providing a downloads page for this set of maps.

Mar 28

Added Part C of level 2.

Mar 22

Working on my other web sites and hobbies for now.

However, I have added room numbers to these maps.

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