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Level 7, links and information

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Not all level 7 maps have been made.

side view of this dungeon. Redoing it is in the future.

I hope to make this larger than originally expected. It was going to be 21 maps wide and 10 maps long. Probably going to be 11 maps long. That would be 231 maps if I do that many for this level. Probably more corridors will be 20’ or 30’ across. That eats up lots of space on a 180’ × 240’ map, but there will be more than a few of them. If I don’t wind up working on something else that is. 21 maps wide by 15 maps long would be 315 maps for this level. There are 16 map columns in this dungeon.

I’ll determine that as I go. Note that I have lots of mapping projects in progress.

7 maps, 64 rooms. No room descriptions.

Level 7 thumbnails

                             Level Seven

North                                         South
            7K  0
            7K 01
            7K 02     7J 02
            7K 03     7J 03     7I 03     7H 03
            7K 04     7J 04     7I 04     7H 04     7G 04     7F 04


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