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orthogonal views of Dwarf Home

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This page connects to the side, top, and end views of Dwarf Home. Just think of it as a very large scale drafting class drawing, the kind of thing done using a drafting table and a t-square. No scale marks, but level 11 is 3,000 feet below the surface. Dwarf Home distances chart.

Each level is a different color. The color rectangles and squares are to give you a general area view of each level. Mentally place the three maps together and you get a cube drawing of Dwarf Home.

I felt that the ramps and stairs would be too small to show, and I didn’t want to put them in and you get the wrong idea they were larger than the stairs and ramps are on the level maps.

Yes, the height of each level is approximated in the drawings. Some of them, particularly the ones near the surface, are thicker than they should be. First level has 10 foot high corridors. Eleventh level really is that high, enough room to fly a dragon…

top view | side view | end view

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