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information on The Great Open and Dwarf Home

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There is a large plains/prairie area with only two known habitations. Dwarf Home is on one border of this area, the Great Open. The nearest nation is Trillolara, Home of the Bards.

The known habitations are Forlorn Keep and Fortress of Kra the Stouthearted. They are located southwest of Trillolara, and west of a small range of hills bordering the west side of the Nomad areas. Forlorn Keep is a small fortified town, Fortress of Kra the Stout-Hearted is an area of a castle with a few small villages and a small farming area inside a walled area. The rest is supposedly not settled nor governed. (Alignments: Forlorn is NG, Kra is LG, the rest is unknown.)

Travel for any group is dangerous. There are roads between various Trillolaran towns and these two forts, but travel is and can be very dangerous. Animals from giant rats to large old dragons have been spotted here. Brigands and highwaymen are also present, close to civilization. They are not foolish enough to brave The Great Open. Its possible that the brigands in this area got here by being guards for various merchant wagon trains headed out this way… or they work for Gashtra. It was all once part of a democracy, some claim it was a matriarchy, called Liciera. It was reportedly destroyed by lich-controlled undead and treachery.

There are a few hill dwarves that live near the entrance to Dwarf Home.

Note that most of the intelligent beings on level one will be ready most of the time to fight. The monsters on this level are constantly at war with each other. But some adventurers have told of help they have encountered from time to time here.

This was the home of many Dwarves. Evil attacked them and killed many, driving out the rest.

The entrance above ground:

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