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Level 4A map links and information

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Level 4 consists of 2 areas separated by about 1,600 feet horizontally. I didn’t map connections between the two fourth level areas other than via rooms and passageways on third and fifth level. This is level 4A.

Each Level 4 is 1440’ × 3600’ (5,185,000 square feet) or 119.0 acres.Thats the size of outermost wall ( east-west ) to outermost wall ( north-south ) of this level.

All 65 maps done, 58 level 4a maps, and 7 sub-floor maps.

Columns A, B, and part of C are detailed, the rest are not.

Level 4A and 4B, all map thumbnails

Unless otherwise noted, the corridors are 20 feet high. Many sub-floor corridors have low ceilings. Lower than non-dwarves might be able to deal with easily.

Logorn, Half-elf (high) male, level 4A

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