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Level 4, map 4D -07

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Logorn, Half-elf (high) male, level 4A

map section DH 4D -07

Room 115) 140’ × 140’ × 20’ ( 392000 cubic feet )

room of pools 3 statues of Dryads

if the left hand is replaced before the index finger, they will become
3 real dryads. All 3 are wearing Rings of Oak ( allows them to
be some distance from their trees) If Hinsha is present she will insist on helping them
return to the surface. Illusion pool appears to be water, but it covers a Green slime Wine pool: if drunk 40% drinker is likely to take another drink
If take second drink. 60% chance to drink until drunk.
roll 1d3: 1) 2 game-hours to no longer crave this wine, 2) 3 game-hours,
3) 4 game-hours Muting pool: unable to speak in other than grunts, clicks, hisses for 27 game-hours
( subtract 1 hour per Constitution point) Healing pool: heals half of damage drinker is suffering, possible to be gone
after second visit to this room. Water pool: normal, fresh, cold, potable water
replenishes at 1 gallon per hour

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