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Level 1 map links and information

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The square area of level 1 is: 540 feet by 720 feet = 388,800 square feet. Thats the size of outermost wall ( north-south) to outermost wall ( east-west) of the level. Its one of the smaller levels.

The entrance to Dwarf Home is on the right side of map 1A0.

Unless I specifically state otherwise in the room descriptions, the corridors on level one are 10 feet high.

120 rooms, 9 maps. Each map is 240’ × 180’.

Level 1, all map thumbnails

Click on a link below to get the room descriptions and a map.

East North 1C -1 1B -1 1A -1 1C 0 1B 0 1A 0 South 1C 1 1B 1 1A 1 West

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