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This site will have the individual maps for this dungeon, the room descriptions, etc. Thumbails maps/links to larger maps of each level. Levels 1, 2, 3, 4A, and 5 are done. Level 6 maps are not all done, but thumbnail page is done.

I haven’t developed sights and sounds for levels 6 and down.

Legend holds that levels 1 and 2 were added after the Dwarves were chased out, or killed, by a Great Evil.

Eleven levels deep, over a thousand total rooms on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level.

This part of my Crestar site is in progress, so pages may appear and disappear.

I originally drew this dungeon on graph paper with 18×24 large squares, with each large square having 5×5 smaller squares inside of them. Each large square is 10 feet.

Area map:

Closer area map:

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March, 2017

March 18

Added level 6 maps, minimal text without room descriptions. Not all maps done.

Mar 15

Updated a few links here and there.


Jan 24

Added a few more new maps. Along with the notification that my maps are free and not to be sold.

Jan 23

Updated a few maps by changing the background and adding my ‘Not for re-sale’ text. Someone ni China continues to download my maps. That is okay as lonfg as they don’t violate my usage requirements.

Jan 18

Working on the zip files for levels 2 and 4A. Probably get done next week.

Jan 15

Working on the thumbnail page for level 3. Completed; 77 maps; Level 3 thumbnails and info I will update the menus later. Menus updated, and thumbnails pages for levels 1, 2, 3, 4A, 5, and 6 are uploaded and menus corrected.

Jan 14

Added a download file, 107 megabytes, for level 5. No room descriptions. Level 5 maps And fixed some map links on level 5. And thank you China for looking at my maps.

Jan 13

Working on the thumbnail page for level 4A. Completed; 65 maps; Level 4A thumbnails and info I’m working on level 4B… probably get it done in a week or so.

Jan 12

The 8 maps for level 6 have been added, and the thumbnail pages have been updated. Working on the thumbnail page for level 5. Completed; 126 maps; Level 5 thumbnails and info

Jan 11

Working on adding 8 more maps to level 6.

Jan 9

I have added level 6: shows all 28 maps of level six as thumbnails overview. Level 6 is incomplete, there are no room descriptions.

Jan 8

Level 5 links now display as part of menus at the top of each page. I am working on pages of thumbnails 300×225 pixels, have to be html, to sohw eacgh level. Probaby take me about a month or so to check all of the links so when you click on a map it will take you to the larger map and any info I have for those rooms.

Note that only levels 1 through 3 have complete rooms descriptions.

Some undead, monsters, and other NPCs were placed there by various bad guys. The kobolds on level 1 work for one of them.

I have added a page of html that shows all 9 maps of level 1 where they are located in relation to each other. While this one is small enough, most such thumbnail maps for the other levels are too larg

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