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This site will have the individual maps for this dungeon, the room descriptions, etc. Thumbails maps/links to larger maps of each level. Levels 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B, and 5 are done. Level 6 maps are not all done, but thumbnail page is done.

I haven’t developed sights and sounds for levels 6 and down.

Legend holds that levels 1 and 2 were added after the Dwarves were chased out, or killed, by a Great Evil.

Eleven levels deep, over a thousand total rooms on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level.

This part of my Crestar site is in progress, so pages may appear and disappear.

I originally drew this dungeon on graph paper with 18×24 large squares, with each large square having 5×5 smaller squares inside of them. Each large square is 10 feet.

Area map:

Closer area map:

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April, 2018

Apr 21

Added some links to the navigation menus.


Feb 8

Links added for Level 4B maps in the pattern they are to each other.


Jan 20

Still working on level 2 zip file.

Jan 18

Working on level 2 zip file. Fixed maps, so they have a better look. Leaving off the compass so you can orient them in any direction you want for your game.

Warning: Level 2 maps have some wrong information on them. Room 33 is Orcs, Room 34 is Dwarves. Some pages here have Dwarves in room 33.

Only DH 2B -03 article needed fxing. Rest of the rooms on that I will need to look through several 3-ring binders. No fix date.

Found my old html files for this site, all fixed.

Jan 17

My apologies if you were downloading individual maps as I have been deleting the old maps, and I am now uploading new maps. I will go over them over the coming year and correct maps I forgot, or missed.

The upload of newer fles is complete.

I haven’t put the new pngs in the zip files yet.

Jan 16

Slowly, very slowly, fixing some of the maps so they look better. No changes made otherwise. Currently working on level 2.

Jan 15

Added zip file for level 4A to the Dwarf Home downloads page. Added 4B maps to the zip, it is now a 71 meg download.

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Level 4 consists of 2 areas separated by about 1,600 feet horizontally. I didn’t map connections between the two fourth level areas other than via rooms and passageways on third and fifth level. This is level 4A.

Each Level 4 is 1440’ × 3600’ (5,185,000 square feet) or 119.0 acres.Thats the size of outermost wall ( east-west ) to outermost wall ( north-south ) of this level.

All 64 maps done, uploading on June 1, 2017.

Unless otherwise noted, the corridors are 20 feet high. Many sub-floor corridors have low ceilings. Lower than non-dwarves might be able to deal with easily.

Some areas show deep pits, some with water. These might be connected.

link to all of level 4 thumbnails

      Level Four B
      All 64 maps done. Not all rooms have descriptions.

East 4k 04 4j 04 4i 04 4h 04 4g 04 4f 04 4e 04 4d 04 4c 04 4k 05 4j 05 4i 05 4h 05 4g 05 4f 05 4e 05 4d 05 4c 05 4k 06 4j 06 4i 06 4h 06 4g 06 4f 06 4e 06 4d 06 4c 06 North 4k 07 4j 07 4i 07 4h 07 4g 07 4f 07 4e 07 4d 07 4c 07 4B 07 South 4k 08 4j 08 4i 08 4h 08 4g 08 4f 08 4e 08 4d 08 4c 08 4k 09 4j 09 4i 09 4h 09 4g 09 4f 09 4e 09 4d 09 4c 09 4k 10 4j 10 4i 10 4h 10 4g 10 4f 10 4e 10 4d 10 4c 10 West

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