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This site will have the individual maps for this dungeon, the room descriptions, etc. Thumbails maps/links to larger maps of each level. Levels 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B, and 5 are done. Level 6 maps are not all done, but thumbnail page is done. Work on Level 7 has started.

I haven’t developed sights and sounds for levels 6 and down.

Legend holds that levels 1 and 2 were added after the Dwarves were chased out, or killed, by a Great Evil.

Eleven levels deep, over a thousand total rooms on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level.

This part of my Crestar site is in progress, so pages and maps may appear and disappear.

I originally drew this dungeon on graph paper with 18×24 large squares, with each large square having 5×5 smaller squares inside of them. Each large square is 10 feet.

Area map:

Closer area map:

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March, 2019

Mar 20

Uploading level 5, maps that didn’t have room numbers on them. Also uploading all level 5 zip, and zip files for Column E, GF, and IH.

For those on metered bandwidth, I have broken up the Level 5 maps into column zips. If you download the Level 5 zip, you don’t need the column zip files.

Mar 13

Added one more map on Level 7, for a total of 110 rooms.

Mar 12

Worked a bit on the Level 7 maps. Adding one map, and adding rooms, and some room doors, debris, etc.

Mar 11

I’m not sure why anyone is looking for html pages here, as the ones they look for don’t exist as html, but as php.

Mar 10

Added DH 7K 02 and 7J 02. Looking at replacing the early 1980s blue maps for level 01, with better maps and better room descriptions. I’ll keep the zip available like I did for the old maps to other levels.

Added two alternate DH maps. These will look like they are part of the basement of the surface ruins. There are currently only two of these maps, no room descriptions. Although you might be able to determine what they are for based on text and what is in them. I have used CC3+ effects on these maps.

Mar 6

Pngs are level 2 have been updated. Currently no zip for level 2 pngs.

Fixed the navigation menus. Added level 7 links to the second row of the same menus.

Redid the navigation menus to give more room for more level links.

Mar 4

Both 800×600 and 2000×1500 pixel maps for Level 1 are on the downloads page in different zip files.

Dwarf Home downloads page

Uploads for the new level 1 and level 5 zip files is complete. I’m currently uploading the individual png files for those same levels.

The uploading of the new pngs for levels 1 and 5 are done.

Mar 3

I need to redo the orthogonal views of this dungeon, but the probably wont be until next year.

Updated the FAQ

Mar 2

I’ll be working on expanding levels 5 through 7 to accomidate the new waterfall areas in column A. NO maps have been uploaded yet.


Feb 27

Bad links on the html pages that show the thumbnails for level 5 and level 6. I am currently working on the problem.

Level 5 at is now correct.

Level 6 at is now correct.

Feb 26

I have found most of the map files for fifth level and increased the pngs from 1200 to 2000 pixels. After I find the rest, and increase the map png size on those, I’ll upload them and update the zip file. I am doing similar work on all levels. This means the zip files will beomce rather large. Level 5, witohut all pngs being upgraded in size, is over 100 megabytes.

Levels 5, 6, and 7 will be expanded. There is a waterfall on level 3 that has no corresponding map on levels below it. That is going to be part of the updates.

Feb 23

Found the map files for levels 1, 6, and 7. I’m currently looking through files for level 5.

Feb 22

I have apparently spread all my hard drive and backups, the updated files I have here. So for me to work on them and make changes, I will have to find all of the most recent map files for this dungeon and put them in folders where I can more easily find them.

Feb 21

I plan on adding rooms to level 5 and 6 to show where the water falls from DH 4B07 have carved out underground lakes.


Jan 15

Added 3 more maps to level 7. With a total so far of 64 rooms.

Jan 14

Now 4 maps and 37 rooms on seventh level. Level 6 now has 30 maps.

Level 6 zip file back on the downloads page.

Room numbers for some levels is a future edit.

Jan 12

Three maps for Level 7. 25 rooms.

Jan 11

Redoing part of level 6 to include the Endless Stairs. I’ll try and start on Level 7 today.

Jan 10

Aded one map to level 6 6J 03.

Added the png file to level 06 zip file on the downloads page.

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This part of an alternate dungeon setting. It is not connected to any other dungeon in my game world.

No room descriptions at this time. One large bathing area, with caves nearby. The caves were unknown to the original inhabitants.

map section DH 01 03

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