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I’ll be putting character classes, ideas about my campaign, documentation on how I run a game session, and other things I note. Like character generation/creation. New game ideas I have asked if I can use, and ideas of my own.

I will probably add in some things that happened, that were funny to me. Some of the players weren’t too happy… but most saw these happenings as funny later on.

Alchemist and Samurai are character classes I am working on. The Shogosh, player character shaman, is also in the works.

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August, 2017

Aug 31 Working on my example adventuering party and a sample dungeon game session. Aug 22 Sample characters so far, part 2 Added game spells, unofficial Part 2 Aug 19 Working on some examples of rolling up characters and some character combat. I’ll be using Epic Table to illustrate these example combats. I bought it and I find it easy to use.

Sample characters so far

And fixed up the site navigation menus at the top of these articles.


Jul 30 I purchased Epic Table a month or so ago, and I am learning to use it.


Jun I have added some info for the good and neutral game religions, I will not be putting info on the 3 evil religions on my web sites.


May 24

Not sure when I will work on it, but I do plan on typing up how a character is created in my game world and a typical startig adventure. So when I get started again I can just tell new players to look at my web site here.

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I’ve been trying to find one to use for some time now.

1. Some I became interested in using, are no longer being updated and have problems. No way to ask questions is the other problem.

2. Some are incredibly detailed, in their wiki or pdf manual. I feel the same way I felt after my first week of Calculus 1. Overwhelmed.

3. cost. I realize they want a return on their time investment, but a demo version I can try for a month or so would go far in convincing me to look at them. One I looked at, the demo worked for less than a day. I cannot figure out if I like software in that amount of time.

4. So far, it looks like cameras, headsets with micrphones, an actual able top, and maps/miniatures is the best idea so far.

Yes, I realize many people use them, but… many of them are very complicated from my point of view. The manuals/wikis of some read like the reader already knows how to use the VTTs. Not good enough for new users to figure them out.

5. update, 2017. I have purchased Epic Table and I am learning how to use it.

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Some Links

These characters are rolled up using my new house rules.

Sargo, High elf Magic-User/Thief HP 6, M-U 3 Level 1 spells. Thief skills: pick pockets 35%, open locks 20%, find trapts 20%, move silently 20%, hide in shadows 20%, hear noise 15%, climb walls 85%

Welnar, Tallfellow Halfling Cleric/Thief HP 7, Cleric 3 Level 1 spells, Thief skills: pick pockets 35%, open locks 30%, find trapts 25%, move silently 25%, hide in shadows 25%, hear noise 15%, climb walls 70%

Bren, Half-Elf ( high elf) Cleric/Fighter HP 10, Cleric 3 level 1 spells.

George Human Fighter HP 10

Jaga Half-Elf (gray elf) Cleric/Ranger HP 12 Cleric 5 level 1 spells.

Res-Nah, NPC Half-elf ( wood elf) Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User HP 17 Cleric Spells: 4 Level 1 spells, M-U Spells: 3 Level 1 spells

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Nice game. The ‘silly’ spell names don’t bother me. I rather like some of them.

I intend on writing up scenarions and characters until the T&T ver5.5 system. I do have a much older version from 1979. I’ll compare the two and see which one I prefer.

Of course, this includes maps which will be on my main Crestar site.

The maps on my Crestar main site could be used for T&T, with monster and NPC changes as those scenarios are more generic. But note they are more ‘D&D generic’ than ‘T&T generic’.

my T&T site

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