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Community Bake Shop, Fondfield



loaf of bread 1 cp
cake, 1 layer with frosting 3 sp
cake, 2 layer with frosting 5 sp
cake, 3 layer with frosting 7 sp
mint cake 1 sp

various pastries 5 cp – 7 sp

Detail map of a Community Bake Shop Fondfield, Trillolara

Each community in Trillolara has one or more community bake shops. Prices are low so everyone has something to eat. Some of you may think, how can Trillolara afford this ? Or is it just a ‘game mechanic’ ? Nope, taxes on adventurer finds is how these are paid for.

True, Trillolara taxes are very easy on the eye and the pay. Adventurers usually donate their odd coins to charity. Part of the charity donations winds up here.

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