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Zor, continent in the Northern Hemisphere


Some Links for B/X ( D&D Basic and Expert.)

Some Bar-Ara Land Links

Large bays, high cliffs along Thunder falls. Farm land, trading ports. Humans, half-elves, a few elves. Dwarves and gnomes.

The Gloom is a series of damp hills and gloomy forests.

The dwarves live in the border area of Ash Mountains. The other end of Ash mountains have a few active volcanoes.

Bar-Ara Land is home to gnomes, half-elves, and halflings.

Basic D&D has some differences to 1E AD&D. Character races dwarves and elves are also character classes. No rangers, no paladins, nor druids. Gnomes are mentioned, but not as player characters. I have purchased Barritaria’s supplement that adds gnomes.

I’ll adding information, characters, and adventures to Zor using the rules in TSR’s BASIC and Expert rules. I’m aware the character levels go higher, but that will be my limit here.

Map is 15,000 by 7,000 miles.

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